Condor Update - 2015-07 (July)

July 3, 2015 - NOTES FROM THE FIELD, Condor Update

Condor Enthusiasts -
Here you may download the updated condor chart and tables (07 03 2015)

Vermilion Cliffs Release Pen:
Condor 701 is in release pen awaiting release.

No new deaths to report. The following are updates to deaths previously reported.

  • 486: 6-year-old male; died on 12/30/2014; cause of death was lead poisoning
  • Cause of death still being determined for 537: 5-year-old female; died on 2/2014.
  • Cause of death still being determined for 234: 14-year-old male; died on 5/22/2014 in O'Neil Gulch, UT.
  • Cause of death still being determined for 299: 10-year-old male; died on 12/30/2013 in Zion NP


  • Condors 122 and 316 are tending a nest near the Tower of Ra in Grand Canyon National Park. The egg was likely laid around the April 1st and therefore the chick has hatched.
  • Condors 187 and 280 are nesting on the Battleship formation in Grand Canyon.
  • Condor 123 and 297 are nesting below Hopi Point in Grand Canyon. The chick was first seen on June 25th and appeared to be around 1 month old. This is 297's first chick.
  • Condors 337 and 409 are likely nesting in Zion National Park based on GPS transmitter data. Nest has not been confirmed yet due to private land issues.

Current population numbers as of July 3, 2015

AZ/UT Population: 71

Please be aware that California's condor recovery program has stopped maintaining a monthly condor population size and distribution report. Therefore, there is currently no avenue for me to receive regular information on condor populations outside of the AZ/UT population. If anyone hears otherwise, please let me know. Thanks!

Janice Stroud-Settles, Wildlife Biologist
Division of Science and Resource Management
Grand Canyon National Park

Last updated: February 7, 2017