Condor Update - 2015-02 (February)

Condor Enthusiasts -

Here you may download the updated condor chart and tables (02 23 2015)

Vermilion Cliffs Release Pen:

There are currently no condors in release pen.


One death has been confirmed over the winter months:

  • 486: 6-year-old male; died on 12/30/2014; cause of death TBD
  • Cause of death still being determined for 537: 5-year-old female; died on 2/2014.
  • Cause of death still being determined for 234: 14-year-old male; died on 5/22/2014 in O'Neil Gulch, UT.
  • Cause of death still being determined for 299: 10-year-old male; died on 12/30/2013 in Zion NP


  • No eggs confirmed laid yet, but the egg season is rapidly approaching. Unfortunately, many breeders have been and are still being treated from lead poisoning which often interrupts natural breeding activity.

Current population numbers from the US Fish and Wildlife Service as of October 31, 2014:

World Total: 425

  • Wild Population: 219
    • AZ/UT Population: 74
    • California Population: 116
    • Baja California/Mexico Population: 29
  • Captive Population: 206

Janice Stroud-Settles, Wildlife Biologist
Division of Science and Resource Management
Grand Canyon National Park

Last updated: April 28, 2019