Condor Update - 2013-01 (January)

Hello Condor enthusiasts,

Just below, you may download an updated and revamped condor chart dated January 18, 2013. You'll find several new tables in this PDF document including: a tag number table, a reproductive table, a lead exposure table, and a mortality factor table. All these tables will hopefully make it easier for you to understand the current population and reintroduction status.

AZ/UT condor tag chart (January 18, 2013)

In addition to these tables, I do have 3 mortalities to report:
  • Condor 442 and Condor 466 died soon after being trapped. Both condors suffered extremely high lead levels and died soon after efforts to try and treat them were initiated.
  • Condor 343 was found dead in Zion National Park 2 days ago; cause of death is still being determined. I did not include 343 in the mortality factors table since we are still waiting for necropsy results.

442, female, tag- F2, hatched in Boise in 2007, released in AZ Mar 2010
466, male, tag- H4, hatched in Boise in 2008, released in AZ Nov 2009
343, female, tag- A3, hatched in Boise in 2004, released in AZ Oct 2005

The death of 343 is a serious loss since she and condor 299 would have likely been the first successful breeding pair in Utah. Breeding attempts by this pair have been hampered the past few years due to one of them having to be held and treated for lead poisoning during the breeding season.

The Peregrine Fund is extremely busy capturing and testing blood-lead levels for the AZ/UT condor population. This year's trapping results are showing a very high level of lead poisoning Once trapping season wraps up, I'll send another update with those trapping and testing statistics.

3 new releases occurred in December at the Vermilion Cliffs:
605, male, tag - 05
619, male, tag - 19
620, female, tag - L0

Current population numbers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, as of this update
World Total: 404
  • Wild Population: 231
  • California Population: 126
  • Baja California, Mexico Population: 28
  • Arizona/Utah Population: 77
  • Captive Population (including birds temporarily in captivity): 173
Janice Stroud-Settles
Wildlife Biologist
Division of Science and Resource Management
Grand Canyon National Park

Last updated: February 7, 2017