Condor Update - 2012-10 (October)

Hello Condor enthusiasts,

Grand Canyon National Park is currently revamping how we disseminate condor information. These updates have been typically provided by Ranger Marker Marshall, but now will be provided by Grand Canyon's Wildlife Program. Thanks Marker for all your hard work on these over the years!

Here is the link to the AZ/UT condor tag chart (October 18, 2012) updated by Park Ranger Marshall.

Population numbers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, as of September 30, 2012:
World Total: 410
  • Captive Population (including birds temporarily in captivity): 180
  • Wild Population: 230
  • California: 125
  • Baja California, Mexico: 28
  • Arizona/Utah: 77

In addition to the numbers, I have a couple pieces of information I'd like to highlight:

1) Condor chick 660, the chick of 187M/133F died last month. The chick was found below the nest cave. Necropsy results determined the chick died of unknown causes. With this fatality, all wild nests in the AZ/UT population failed during the 2012 breeding season.

2) The 3 newly released condors ( released on September 29th) are doing great!

3) There are 3 additional condors currently being held in the flight pens at Vermilion Cliffs awaiting release.

Janice Stroud-Settles
Wildlife Biologist
Division of Science and Resource Management
Grand Canyon National Park

Last updated: February 7, 2017