Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site ArcheoBlitz 2016

Several student volunteers at ArcheoBlitz
Scenes from the 2016 ArcheoBlitz at Knife River.

The 2016 ArcheoBlitz engaged 250 students in the practice of archeology, encouraged respect for traditional cultures, and gathered useable data that will improve working knowledge and management of archeological sites at Knife River Indian Villages NHS. Citizen science activities focused on the application of minimally-invasive technologies and recovery of data from site disturbances. In 2017, two interns hired through the National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) worked at MWAC to help process the massive amounts of data generated.

student and volunteers
Scene from the 2016 ArcheoBlitz at Knife River.
intern sorting micro-artifacts
2017 NCPE intern sorting micro-artifacts recovered during rodent burrow investigations at ArcheoBlitz.
two interns working
Interns visited Knife River in 2017 to collect additional data.

Last updated: October 10, 2018