National Park Service Request for Proposals (RFP) for Eight Historic Dune Shacks

Dune Shacks Provincetown



The National Park Service (NPS) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFPs) to lease eight historic properties within Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS). The eight historic dune shacks, located within the Peaked Hill Bars National Register of Historic District in Provincetown and Truro, are offered under a lease term of 10 years. Proposals for the dune shacks must be submitted by Monday, July 3, 2023 at 5 pm EST. RFPs are under review and updates will be shared on a rolling basis.

The opportunity to submit a proposal to lease any of these eight properties is competitive and is open to all interested persons and businesses.

The dune shack properties will be leased “as-is with all faults.” The lessee is expected to occupy and maintain the dune shack as a traditional dune shack. The lessee will be responsible for the cost and implementation of all repairs, replacements needed to occupy the buildings including items such as roof replacement, carpentry repairs and addressing any/all fire and life safety code issues. The lessee will be required to perform routine maintenance.

The dune shacks are small, weathered, and often built on pilings to adjust for the ever-moving sand dunes surrounding these properties. The houses are remote, with no paved roads leading to them. Access is required by foot or by 4x4 vehicle along the park’s Oversand corridor. There is limited running water, plumbing, and electrical fixtures in most of the shacks.

Site visit

Due to the high level of interest from the public, appointment requests must be received in writing by 5 pm on June 6, 2023. Please be sure to send these requests to: Appointment requests received any time AFTER 5 pm on June 6, 2023, will NOT be scheduled.

This is not a tour but a set appointment. Please be sure to specify the name of the shack you would like to see. If you are interested to see more than one shack, this will require more than one appointment.

As a reminder, a confirmed appointment is required. Once confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation with important appointment logistics related to that specific appointment.

Request for proposal, attachments, and additional information

The Request for Proposal can also be found at More information about Cape Cod National Seashore can be found at

Map of highlighted dune shack locations.
Highlighted shacks are open for bid under the current request for proposals.

NPS Graphic

Additional Information

Questions not addressed in the RFP will be collected and responded to through issuance of question and answers. Offerors must submit questions via email to no later than June 25, 2023. All responses will be provided in writing and made available to all offerors by posting below.

Where can we find information about the cost of insurance (e.g., liability, casualty)?

  • Costs will vary by insurance carrier; contact your preferred insurance provider.

Where can we find information about whether the shack would be subject to property tax or other local/state assessments?

  • See the "Jurisdiction" section on page 6 of the RFP document. As the park is not a related party, please contact state and/or local municipality for questions regarding tax assessments.

Can multiple people be on the same lease (e.g., parent/adult child; friends/colleagues)?

  • Yes, multiple parties can be named on the same lease.

It looks like the form 10-352 is for individuals. Is there a separate form for a married couple that files jointly?

  • A married couple would constitute as an individual for the 10-352 form.

When 2 people are applying as a couple, do you need Offeror Transmittal Letters, Identification and Credit Information from both individuals or only one?

  • Only one offeror transmittal letter is required per lease proposal; ID and credit information is required for each party named on the lease.

Are you able to share past successful applications to assist us in preparing our proposal?

  • The dune shacks have not been offered via RFP previously, so there are no past examples to share at this time. In the future, selected applications would be available to the public (excluding financial or other sensitive data) via the Freedom of Information Act.

Would you allow guarantors to co-sign the lease?

  • Yes, the guarantor would need to be a named party on the lease.

Are the dune shack entrances handicap accessible (e.g., ramps)

  • Like many structures of historical note, the dune shack entrances are not ADA compliant. However, if members of the public submitting an RFP would like to include plans to modify the structure to facilitate access, the Park would consider these proposals on a case-by-case basis. Please note, such modification may not be feasible for some shacks.

Are we able to rent the shack out to family or friends...can we sublease the property...are the dune shacks allowed to be used for an artist in residency program...can the shack serve as a rental property under management of a local resident...?

  • These dune shacks are intended for private, residential use, not to facilitate commercial activity - whether for-profit or not-for-profit. The lease does allow for visitation by extended family and guests. Please note Criterion 1 in the RFP, on page 10.

I am having a difficult time registering at Do I need to do this if I am an individual, or only if I am a company?

  • You do not need to register via as an individual lessee.

Is there any access offseason (November-March) -for repairs and/or residency?

  • Off-road access (over sand vehicle roads) is not maintained off-season. Due to shifting sand, Nor-easter and other storms and generally unfavorable conditions in these months, safety is a consideration.

Are dogs allowed?

  • See #7 of Special Park Provisions, page 14 of the RFP document.

Do cordoned off areas for nesting shorebirds ever make the shack entirely inaccessible

  • Shorebirds have not historically nested so close the shacks such that they were entirely inaccessible. More typically, nesting activities cause altered access to the beachfront and/or walkways.

Does the lease include an Oversand Pass from the National Seashore, or must that be obtained separately?

  • Oversand permits are available to the public and purchased from the Cape Cod National Seashore each season. In addition, only park staff, dune shack lessees and select special permit holders have vehicular access to the oversand pathways in the Peaked Hill Bars Historic District.

If we request permission to update the property, how long is the typical response time from NPS?

  • Response times from the park will vary depending on the complexity of the proposed plans.

Will leaseholders be given an opportunity to extend the lease at the end of the term?

  • See Term of Lease on page 12 of the RFP document

Would amount offered in excess of the cited Annual Fair Market Value Rent be used in determination of the best overall responsive proposal? What is the relative weighting of the six stated Proposal Evaluation Criteria?

  • While members of the public might choose to offer in excess of the cited Annual Fair Market Value Rent, this factor alone would not be the sole determining factor. Other criteria, as outlined in the RFP are significant and meaningful factors in the selection process.

What is the relative weighting of the six stated Proposal Evaluation Criteria?

  • Please refer to the "Proposal Content and Selection Criteria" section of the RFP document, starting on page 9; and the "Evaluation and Selection Process" section, starting on page 11.

Would I be permitted to.... (Add outdoor seating, install solar panels, add an outdoor shower, install gutters to collect rainwater, etc.)

  • Because the dune shacks are historical structures, changes of a permanent nature are not allowed. However, per the Utilities section of the RFP (page 6), non-permanent alterations or additions can be proposed to the park, in writing, for review and approval.

How are the outhouses managed/emptied? If the property is not advertised as having an outhouse, what is the alternative at that shack?

  • Within an outhouse might be an incinerating toilet, a composting toilet, or alternative. Current method varies by shack; on-going approach might be up to the new lessee.

Are there interior pictures of the shacks?

  • Interior photographs are not available at this time.

Is there a form for the proposal? I see the guidelines, do I just answer in order?

  • See the "Requirements" section of the RFP document, beginning on page 8.

How does one access the shack(s) by vehicle; is it a private road or open to the public?

  • Vehicular access to the dune shacks requires an oversands permit and access to the OSV (oversand vehicles) pathways. Vehicles must stay on defined pathways. Thus, each dune shack is unique in terms of parking logistics and how close a vehicle can get to the shack.

Do I need an appointment to see the shacks; can I drive/walk out on my own?

  • The site tour will be conducted by appointment only. Transport from the assigned meeting site to the dune shacks and back will be facilitated by park staff, in a NPS vehicle. Vehicular access to the dune shack area is via special permit only (not available to the general public). While the dune area can be hiked, please note that these shacks are privately occupied and not open to the public.

Is managing sand encroachment / dune stability the lessee's responsibility or the NPS'?

  • The lessee's - see "Grounds Maintenance" on page 6 of the RFP document, and Special Park Provision #1 on page 13.

Can we install/restore a garden on the property?

  • See Special Park Provisions #14, on page 14 of the RFP document.

Who will evaluate the RFP?

  • Please refer to the "Evaluation and Selection Process" section of the RFP document, starting on page 11.

Do the evaluators have the cultural, historical, environmental and shack specific knowledge to properly evaluate each RFP?

  • Yes. All documentation has been shared with the selection panel, including but not limited to the historical preservation plan (E.A.) and the Wolfe Report.

What is meant by "vacate" in the context of lease renewal?

  • Current special use permit holders, if not selected for the new, long-term lease, will be expected to vacate the shack on or before September 1, 2023. This includes removal of all personal belongings.

Is the NPS expecting the "traditional users" to remove all items from the shacks (e.g., a cast-iron frypan bought at a moving sale in 1950; a woolen sweater or rain slicker that are shared generally, collectively by anyone who might need the item while in residence)?

  • The park has consulted on this question and determined that while many objects may have a long and storied history within the community, they are not historical artifacts nor catalogued as such. The park has no authority over these items, and they remain the property of the current occupant(s). The current occupant may choose to pass on these items to others, but that would be at their sole discretion.

Which, if any, of the shacks available for lease have ocean views from the shack?

  • The physical landscape of the dunes is everchanging. In that spirit, visibility of the ocean from each shack is also ever-changing. Please refer to Appendix A which provides a physical description and location of each shack for more details.

Can I submit a bid(s) for more than one shack?

  • While the public is permitted to submit more than one proposal, each proposal must be shack specific. One individual/family will not be selected for more than one leasing agreement.

Is it okay to bring in small machinery such as a John Deere tractor to assist in remediation of sand encroachment, or must such activity have been done manually?

  • Use of small machinery requires prior approval from the park. All requests should be submitted to the park in writing for review and approval.

Re: Offeror Identification - if we have a contractor, family member or other advisor who was committed to supporting the maintenance of the shack, would it be appropriate to list them among the "persons responsible" even if they are not a lessee?

  • If contractor, family member or other advisor will not be named on the lease and/or be a factor in your ability to demonstrate financial capability (Criterion 3), then they would not be a "responsible" offeror and should not be listed in that space.

Is there any possibility to negotiate in the lease for year-round access and/or allowing dogs on the property, if the specific location and condition of the property might permit those things? Are dogs allowed in fall/winter months when birds are not nesting?

  • Dogs are not permitted at any time. See #7 of Special Park Provisions, page 14 of the RFP document.

What is the shortest lease period that would be considered under this RFP (vs. 10-year maximum)?

  • Ten years is the standard term being offered for this lease.

Who is responsible for determining what, if any, repair and maintenance is required? Are there any repairs/issues that need addressed in the short-term, so these may be considered in my proposal?

  • Per the RFP instructions, each proposal should include short-term and long-term plains to maintain the dune shack and to address necessary repairs for the shack. As noted in the RFP, the dune shacks are available for lease " as is with all faults."

I read through a sample lease - how likely is the rent to be increased during my lease period based on improvements I make? If the rent is significantly raised during my lease period, am I obligated to renew the lease?

  • The rent will not be increased during the lease term based on improvements made by the Lessee. As required by NPS leasing laws and regulations, the Annual Rent will be adjusted to account for increases to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Should the expenses of the oversand vehicle be included in the budget proposal - or only shack related direct expenses - for example insurance, maintenance, repair?

  • The Oversands vehicle permit cost and/or cost of any personal vehicle you might use to drive in the district is separate and apart from the lease and should not be listed within the budget proposal for the dune shack lease.

The RFP mentions state and local taxes, but we have heard from other dune dwellers that this is not a line item - can you advise?

  • If the state or local municipality tries to collect state and/or local taxes, then the Lessee would be responsible for paying them. The NPS is not able to pay them.

Is there a maximum value that can be bid, in excess of the Fair Market Value Annual Rent? We think we read something about a cap of 25% over the Fair Market Value Annual Rent?

  • There is no maximum value that can be bid for rent. As a reminder, Rent is just one of six selection criteria that the NPS will use to determine the best proposal.

Re: completion of the "Offeror" section. Where the form says..."to lease National Park Service facilities and associated land, System for Award Management (SAM) Solicitation NAME/# issued by the public notice....". For "Solicitation NAME/#", do I put my name and phone number, or my name and address? Or is it the name of the dune shack I am applying for?

  • The Solicitation NAME is: CACO_DUNESHACKRFP_5-1-23

What are the dimensions of the Jones Shack?

  • Please refer to Appendix A for dimensions/measurements for each shack.

Where is the water for the Jones Shack?

  • The water pump and well is located in front of the Jones Shack. Please note: this water source is not considered to be potable.

Who owns the dune shacks?

  • The dune shacks listed within this RFP are not privately owned. The dune shacks listed within the RFP are the property of the National Park Service.

Does the NPS have an estimate for when construction at the Braaten shack will conclude? Will it be completed prior to start of the new lease? Would the new lessee be taking over this work, is someone already contracted to do this work?

  • While construction continues on the Braaten shack, the park anticipates completion by September 1, 2023. If however, there are any delays in completion, the new lease would not go into effect until current construction is complete.

Is access to the shack only when the park is open, or at all times?

  • The park is open year-round, this also applies to the historic district. Please keep in mind that the winter season introduces harsh conditions which can make access to/from the shacks difficult. Visitation to the shacks during the off-season months is at the discretion and risk of the lessee.

Re: the Watson-Schmidt outhouse - what is required for upkeep and maintenance?

  • The Watson-Schmidt outhouse is not a historical structure, thus upkeep and maintenance is not subject to the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation. If Lessee chooses to retain the outhouse, Lessee will be expected to perform routine maintenance on all buildings and grounds throughout the term of the lease.

The shack appears to be in bad shape - how much updating is allowed and scope of repairs?

  • The shacks in the Historic District are in good condition, taking into account their inherently rustic character, limited amenities, and suitability for seasonal use only. Improvements must be approved in advance by NPS and carried out in accordance with the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation.

If I wish to offer more than fair market value for a shack - do I put that into the RFP, or do I wait and, if selected, negotiate final rent?

  • The rent offer should be included in the RFP submission.

I've addressed the 6 criterion and will attach the required forms - do I need to provide any additional information?

  • Please refer to the RFP for instruction re: proposal requirements and content, starting on page 8.

Approximately how much is the insurance on Fearing Shack?

  • Costs will vary by insurance carrier; contact your preferred insurance provider.

Who do I address this proposal to?

  • Per the "Requirements" section on page 8 of the RFP, proposals must be submitted electronically to The subject line should include the following "Dune Shack RFP".

What do I write for "Solicitation Name/#" on the offeror’s transmittal letter? Is it the same as the Notice ID on the website (i.e., CACO DUNESHACKRFP 5-1-23)?

  • The Solicitation NAME is: CACO_DUNESHACKRFP_5-1-23

On the Watson-Schmidt tour, we were told that the current resident would be removing a lot of the infrastructure if they were not chosen in the RFP process (e.g., taking out all the windows, the outhouse, solar panels, water pump and all appliances). Should we anticipate this type of removal in any shack offered via this be stripped down to walls and a roof? I understand that under this RFP, any infrastructure improvements made by new lessee would remain with the shack as a general improvement and be left upon duration of the lease - not the same for prior lessee? How can a respondent to the RFP create a proposal/offer if we don't have a definitive list of what is included and what isn't?

  • Applicants should prepare their submission with the mindset that the core historical architectural structure will remain (i.e., roof, walls). This original historical structure varies shack to shack. Furnishing, appliances, and non-permanent additions such as solar panels and water pumps, that had been installed by prior occupants may not transfer to the new lease.

At the Fearing shack, there appears to be a shed by the parking area. Does that go with the main shack? If not, who is there and does the Fearing shack share its parking, well and outhouse with another lessee?

  • The second structure on the Fearing plot is not historical and was originally intended for use as a studio. Traditionally, at the Fearing shack, outhouses and wells have been shared.

Re: Jones Shack - are there any rules that prohibit rainwater collection at the shack?

  • Because the dune shacks are historical structures, changes of a permanent nature are not allowed. However, per the Utilities section of the RFP (page 6), non-permanent alterations or additions can be proposed to the park, in writing, for review and approval.

Can I do non-structural work on a shack without a contractor (e.g., siding, roofing, fix a door)?

  • Use of contractors to perform general maintenance and upkeep of structures and premises is at the Lessee's discretion. Lessee must consult with the park, in writing, prior to repairs, replacements, improvements to the dune shack or premises.

The RFP states that "The premises may be used from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with access to the property for maintenance and seasonal preparations from the beginning of April through the end of October". When accessing the property for maintenance and seasonal preparations in April and October, can lessees stay in the shack overnight?

  • The park is open year-round, this also applies to the historic district. Please keep in mind that the winter season introduces harsh conditions which can make access to/from the shacks difficult. Visitation to the shacks during the off-season months is at the discretion and risk of the lessee.

If we wanted to bring in things like solar panels, how easy would it be to get permission to drive an overland vehicle in? is this something that must be applied for far in advance?

  • The Lessee must notify the park before any motorized equipment use requiring access across non-leased NPS property. Approval/response time will depend on specific, planned activity.

We understand shacks can get inundated with sand and may need to be raised to remediate. Can you tell us how often this happens? What is the approximate cost to raise a shack and put it on pylons?

  • Sand encroachment is a constant. The degree/severity varies season-to-season and shack to shack. Applicants should be prepared to manage some degree of sand encroachment every year. Cost of remediation also varies. Outside of manual sand management, lessees are required to obtain prior approval from the park before engaging contractors and/or mechanical equipment for sand management.

Who is responsible for testing the water at a shack to make sure it is safe to drink?

  • Ground/Well water should be considered non-potable. Testing to determine if otherwise would be responsibility of Lessee.

Where is the Fleurant well?

  • Approximately 200 feet west of shack, in a little hollow. Ground/Well water should be considered non-potable. Testing to determine if otherwise would be responsibility of Lessee.

Where is the closest vehicle access for the Jones Shack?

  • For the Jones shack, closest vehicular access to the district would be off Route 6 at the Truro/Provincetown line. Parking for Jones would be at that entrance lot, approximately 1 mile from the shack.

If property gets washed away or "demolished" in a hurricane/storm, does this cancel the lease or is one expected to rebuild "in kind"?

  • See Section 14 "DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION" on page 14 of sample Lease, Attachment A.

If two people are submitting an RFP but are not married, do they file two 10-352 forms?

  • Yes.

Section 1 of the 10-352 form says" Proposed Role in Lease Operations, Qualifications for the Role, and Estimated time per week dedicated to that role..." What does this pertain to - what does role mean here?

  • For individual applicants (vs. business), "role" could be shack occupant, shack steward.

Under personal financial statement documenting assets and liabilities...can I write that myself or do i have to submit all of my bank statements, retirement funds, investments, etc? How much detail is required - would a letter from my accountant suffice?

  • As much detail as necessary/possible to properly substantiate your financial capability.

Could one get out of the lease after a couple of years for little or no cost?

  • When you enter into your lease, it is expected that you will have that lease for its full term and you will be financially responsible for its full term.

Is a FICO score or summary credit report acceptable for the credit report information required on the 10-352, or do you need the full length credit report (e.g., 48 pages long, 75 pages long, etc.). I am concerned that the full report will take up most of the 40MB limit for other supporting documents.

  • We would prefer to see the entire credit report. Proposals are limited to 100 pages or less, not including attachments. The financial statements and credit reports are attachments, and thus do not count toward the page limit. As noted under the REQUIREMENTS section, on page 8 of the RFP, the maximum file size of 40MB applies to individual e-mails. If your proposal exceeds this limit, review that section of the RFP for alternative ways to submit (e.g., cloud-based storage applications).

There is a way to mark documentation for Trade secret information identified in the application materials. However, much of what's being provided to the federal government is personally identifiable information, in particular financial, background, and previous experience disclosures which might be sensitive and/or need appropriate government handling. May we mark certain documents or paragraphs Privacy/PII, to help ensure correct handling in future FOIA requests? Or can we make a notation that we do not waive our privacy rights to any personally identifiable information? Is there any way to highlight this for future FOIA reviewers? This question does not refer to Form 10-352, which has it's own Privacy Act Statement attached, but to what information we might pull from it into the general application, or other relevant PII throughout the document, as the Transmittal Letter itself contains no Privacy Act information.

  • Please see pages 14 and 15 of the RFP document for instructions on how to mark sensitive information within your proposal. No PII would get released through a FOIA request. You are welcome to make notations on any of your documents and if it is determined to be trade secrets or personal information, it would then not be released via FOIA.

What is the "signed transmittal letter" required for the RFP process?

  • See the document labeled "Attachment C - Sample Offeror Transmittal Letter" on the RFP website.

Can we get a list of maintenance and repairs that are expected or will be needed over the next 10 years? Can the NPS outline any initial repairs they have already determined would be required for each shack?

  • Each shack will have different needs, an interested offeror should determine what work they think will be required and submit that as their plan. We understand that a maintenance plan offered as part of the proposal might not be the final maintenance plan included in the lease. For guidance on maintenance and repair, the NPS uses the Secretary of the Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and Cultural Landscapes. These emphasize the following basic approach to maintaining the district: (1) RETAIN and PRESERVE features (e.g., hand shoveling to remove built-up of wind-blown sand along exterior of shack to prevent wet-rot, properly board up doors and windows in winter to prevent leaks); (2) if needed, STABILIZE and REPAIR (e.g., re-fasten wall or roof shingles, re-flash chimney, patch-holes, re-glaze missing window panes, stabilize dunes around the shack with beach grass planting, other native vegetation, and sections of land fencing); and (3) if features are too deteriorated then REPLACE them (e.g., re-roof, re-shingle walls, replacing windows, replace wooden piers and decking). As a general rule of thumb, maintenance under 1 and 2 above does not require prior consultation with the NPS, but documentation is required. Maintenance under 3 above requires prior consultation with the Park's Section 106 Coordinator.

How is rent paid - monthly, annually?

  • Per Section 5.2 "Annual Rent" of the Sample Lease - rent is payable in advance in equal monthly installments on the first day of each calendar month. This may be subject to lease negotiation.

Is flood insurance required?

  • See Sample Lease, Exhibit B: Insurance Requirements -"Other"

If awarded lease, can 4WD or another vehicle be left overnight in (a) visitor center or (b) Race Point parking lots while in residence at the shack?

  • No, Cape Cod National Seashore parking lots are closed from midnight to 6am.

Do we need to submit a completed sample lease as part of the initial proposal?

  • No, it is not listed as a required document. Per page 11 of the RFP, NPS will negotiate the terms of the final Lease with the Offeror determined to have submitted the best responsive proposal.

Can you clarify use of the lease property re: non-profit artist residencies - do we understand correctly that offering/facilitating not-for profit artist residencies from our shack would NOT be permitted under the terms of the lease?

  • Subletting of these shacks would require prior written approval of the park. The shacks offered via this RFP are intended for long-term, private residential occupancy. There are other shacks available through Non-Profit partnerships that facilitate short-term, non-profit artist residencies.

I understand that to access the dune shack you need a vehicle that meets the ORV standards and has a permit. Does this need to be a truck/SUV, or is an ATV/URV or other similar off-road vehicle acceptable?

  • Permits are only granted to registered motor vehicles that meet the ORV standards. The public is not permitted to operate an ATV/UTV anywhere in the park.

Is the dune shack lease flexible - say 5 or 6 years or just a set 10 years?

  • Ten years is the standard and maximum term being offered for this long-term lease, but an offeror may submit a proposal for a shorter length of time.

What happens if you are physically or financially unable to continue with the lease?

  • When you enter into your lease, it is expected that you will have that lease for its full term and you will be financially responsible for its full term. A lessee may request to terminate their lease, however the NPS is under no obligation to do so. The lessee will be responsible for all of the terms of the lease they sign.

RE: Personal Financial Statement documenting assets and liabilities - I can attach bank/investment statements for assets; but what is required for liabilities if do not have a mortgage or any other long-term debt?

  • You may state that you do not have any liabilities or long-term debt.

What is meant to be written in the yellow highlighted "PROPOSAL" space, in the 2nd paragraph of the Offeror's Transmittal Letter?

  • The file name of your proposal document, or the title of your proposal if you have opted to use one.

We were not allowed to inspect...(the well site, underpinnings, etc.) If selected, will we have opportunity to do a follow-up inspection?

  • We do not expect to facilitate follow-up inspections prior to the lease effective date, given the short window between anticipated selection and anticipated lease effective dates.

Are refrigerators/iceboxes, stove, oven and wood stoves in good working order and are they included in the lease?

  • Applicants should prepare their submission with the mindset that the core historical architectural structure will remain. This original historical structure varies shack to shack. Furnishings, appliances, and non-permanent additions installed by prior occupants may or may not transfer to the new lease.

If awarded an opportunity to negotiate a lease, will there be an inventory of furniture/equipment included?

  • It is possible, but not guaranteed, that an Inventory and Condition Report will be created for each lease, including any furniture or equipment if applicable.

What, if any, parking is available at the trailhead for hiking to the dune shacks? Does that parking currently have a bicycle rack?

  • There are no official park hiking trails within the district; there are only "social" trails. There are no bicycle racks available.


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