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National Archeology Day

If you want to learn about archeology, give an excavation a try, or just connect with others who share an interest in the past, October is a great time of year!

Join the National Park Service and the Archaeological Institute of America in celebrating National Archeology Day on October 20, 2012. Find out about events happening near you by visiting the events list and map. In addition to national parks, the list includes many events at National Historic Landmarks or National Register of Historic Places sites—some of the most significant archeological places in the nation. From ranger talks to special exhibits to hands-on activities, there's something for everyone!

Another great way to get involve in archeology this October is to participate in a state archeology celebration. Over 15 states celebrate archeology during the month of October. Go to the Society for American Archaeology's state archeology month resource page to find out when your state celebrates archeological discovery.

If perhaps you'd rather chart your own archeological adventure, might we suggest perusing the For the Public pages, which are chock full of ideas.

Want to learn about the amazing images that people have made on rock for thousands of years? Check out the Coso Rock Art National Historic Landmark in California. Need more? Visit rock images across the country.

How about a different kind of image, built into the land itself? Look for the marching bears at Effigy Mounds in Iowa. Find mounds and earthworks at Hopewell Culture in Ohio. Looking for something a little farther south? The Indian Mounds of Mississippi travel guide takes you south to explore for yourself this extensive earthen architecture. In Louisiana, visit the amazing site of Poverty Point.

Celebrate the human urge to explore! Follow the voyages of Samuel de Champlain in Maine and Massachusetts and along more of the northeastern coast.

Because it’s also Archeology Month in Virginia, take a look—and make a trip—to the Archeology of the Colonial Chesapeake Tidewater.

You know Independence Hall for its role in the birth of America and the Declaration of Independence. Did you also know the archeological stories there about a different sort of struggle for freedom?

New Mexico is home to several National Parks well-known for their spectacular archeological remains. Find more in the region with the American Southwest travel itinerary.

  • [photo] Rock images of supernova, hand, and moon.
  • [photo] Projectile point corroborating Champlain's maps of Native American villages on Cape Cod.
  • [photo] Sunset at Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

You can visit lots of archeological sites and museums all year round. Explore Visit Archeology for some ideas for a trip. Also be sure to visit your National Parks, many of which have archeology.

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