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Studies in Archeology and Ethnography 2 Implementing the Antiquities Act: A Survey of Archeological Permits 1906-1935

APPENDIX A: Institutions, Universities, Museums and Individuals Applying for Antiquities Act Permits between 1907 and 1936

This table lists the institutions, universities, museums and individuals applying for Antiquities Act Permits between 1907 and 1936. The table is comprised of 3 columns. From left to right the column headers are: Institutions, Universities and Museums Applying for Antiquities Act Permits; Year(s) Permits Were Applied For; and Total Number of Permits Received 1907 Through 1936. The table contains roughly 90 rows of applicants listed alphabetically, from Alaska Agriculture College and School of Mines to Theile, Dr. W. (Strassburg, Germany).

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