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Field Trip in a Box: Desert Adaptations

Mule deer
Mule deer are adapted to a range of habitats.

NPS photo by Andrew Kuhn

High desert plants and animals are adapted to their environment in many different ways. A prep activity, four learning stations (Are Leaves Adapted?, The Desert Ramble, Deer's Ears, and Feathered Friends), and a back at class extension help you explore the spectrum of desert survival specialization with your students.

Download just the materials packet here, or check out the complete Field Trip in a Box during your park visit.

Borrowing Instructions

Submit a reservation form at least two weeks before your park visit. There is only one box available for each topic.

When you arrive at the park, check out the box from the Arches National Park Visitor Center during business hours, and return the box before you leave the park.

Individuals who check out a Field Trip in a Box are responsible for damage to its contents.


Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Ecology
Media For Loan