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Are you planning a bus tour to Arches National Park? Commercial bus tours must have a current, signed road-based tour Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) with them during their visit to the park. More information about Commercial Use Authorizations.

To help you provide your guests an enjoyable visit, this information is for bus drivers and tour leaders. Your guests will enjoy their visit more if you are well informed. Stop at the visitor center for more information, exhibits, orientation video, bookstore, restroom facilities, and water.

The map below marks some good places for buses to go and some places buses should avoid.


Places to Go

We recommend these viewpoints and parking areas for buses:

  1. Arches Visitor Center (to let guests use the bathrooms)
  2. La Sal Mountains Viewpoint
  3. Courthouse Towers Viewpoint
  4. Balanced Rock
  5. Double Arch Trailhead (oversize parking for The Windows)
  6. Panorama Point
  7. Wolfe Ranch (drop off only for visiting Wolfe Ranch) Hiking to Delicate Arch requires a guided hiking CUA.
  8. Delicate Arch Viewpoint
  9. Devils Garden Trailhead

Places to Avoid

  1. Park Avenue unless your group has a guided hiking CUA
  2. Salt Valley Overlook
  3. Fiery Furnace Viewpoint Many vehicles park here for ranger-guided walks, leaving little space for larger vehicles.
  4. Devils Garden Campground Drive through the campground only if your group is camping there; then, be aware of children playing, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Minimize Idling

Every year, the park receives complaints about diesel engines running in parking lots. Your cooperation is needed to to help make Arches a quieter, cleaner place. Bus drivers are prohibited from idling their engines in parking lots, with the following exceptions:

  • After long uphill grades, engines may be idled for up to 15 minutes in order to cool.
  • Engines may be left running to provide cooling or heating for disabled passengers who cannot disembark.

If you must idle your engine, please park away from other visitors and nearby viewpoints. If a small parking lot prevents this, drop off your passengers, leave the lot, and return at an appointed time to pick them up.

Important Information

Please share the information below with your passengers. Their health, and the health of park resources, depends on it.

Biological Soil Crust

Much of this desert is covered by a living ground cover called biological soil crust. Composed primarily of algae, fungus, lichen, mosses and cyanobacteria, it holds desert soils together, retains moisture, slows erosion, and provides nutrients for plants and the animals that rely on them. Ask your guests to stay on trails to protect these crusts. At most locations, excellent photographs can be taken from the designated walkways. Please inform everyone of this critical issue.


The only two locations to get water in Arches National Park are at the visitor center and at Devils Garden. If your guests are planning to walk anywhere away from the bus, they should carry water with them. One quart (one liter) per person is recommended for a two-hour hike; more is needed for longer walks. Be certain that no one becomes dehydrated.


Your guests may need a gentle reminder about this. They should put all garbage, including cigarette butts, in garbage cans.


Large groups should consider their impact on other visitors. Consider breaking a large group into smaller ones of no more than 10 people for hikes. Rangers can provide suggestions for easy drop-off and pick-up locations for larger groups.

Nobody plans on getting lost, but it does happen! All trails in Arches are marked with cairns (piles of rocks). Hikers should watch carefully to be certain that cairns are visible at all times. If they miss one, they should go back to the last one seen. If they become disoriented, they should seek a shady spot and wait for assistance. Wandering around only confuses searchers. The importance of carrying water is critical in this situation.

Park Resources

Everything in a national park is protected. Ask your guests to leave everything as they find it: rocks, plants, animals, archeological and historical artifacts. Help preserve Arches for future generations.

Last updated: June 21, 2019

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