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Event ID: 8971 Book: Santa Ana-B Page Number: 14
Event: Baptism Event Date: 09/03/1780 Event Place: Santa Ana
Event Relationship [6 Records]

Personal ID: 2714 Given Name: Pedro Antonio de Surname: Arriquibar Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 6708 Given Name: Francisco Xavier Surname: Martinez Relationship: Father
Personal ID: 6709 Given Name: Juana Rosa Surname: Contreras Relationship: Mother
Personal ID: 6713 Given Name: Juan Francisco Surname: Salazar Relationship: Godfather
Personal ID: 6714 Given Name: María Dolores Surname: Otero Relationship: Godmother
Personal ID: 24998 Given Name: José Ignacio Surname: Martinez Relationship: Baptized
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