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Credit Archive Diocese of Tucson
Event ID: 4945 Book: Tumacácori Page Number: 218
Event: Burial Event Date: 10/06/1797 Event Place: Tumacácori
Notes: 295 - María Regina Cargagena. On the 6th day of October in the year of the Lord 1797, María Regina Cartagena, an Indian of the Papago nation of the age of twenty-five years, married to Francisco Hermenegildo Herran, died at her home in communion with the Holy Mother Church. Her body was interred in the cemetery of this mission of San José de Tumacácori. She was confessed by me on the 1st day of October, on the 2nd she received the viaticum, and on the 4th day of the same October I administered the extreme unction to her. And, for this truth I signed on day 10 of the said month and year. = Fray Mariano Bordoy (rubric)
Event Relationship [3 Records]

Personal ID: 5791 Given Name: Mariano Surname: Bordoy Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 11333 Given Name: María Regina Surname: Cartagena Relationship: Deceased
Personal ID: 12299 Given Name: Francisco Hermenegildo Surname: Concho (Herran) Relationship: Husband of deceased
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