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Credit Bancroft Library, Berkeley, CA
Event ID: 4295 Book: Santa Ana-M Page Number: 1
Event: Marriage Event Date: 02/16/1779 Event Place: Santa Ana
Notes: On February 16, 1779, the requirements mandated by the Holy Council of Trent having been complied with and the sacred doctrinal laws having been met with no impediment resulting to prevent the marriage, the following were married and veiled before me, minister for His Majesty in this mission of San Ignacio, in faciæ et justa ritual ecclesiæ, Don Toribio de Otero, a single man, son of Don Josef de Otero and Doña Francisca Granillo, residents of the place called Cucurpe, and María Ignacia Salazar, a young maiden, daughter of the late Don Vicente Salazar and his legitimate wife Doña Josefa de Urrea, residents of this place called Santa Ana. Witnesses were Don Francisco Salazar and Don Juan Tomás Beldarrain, for which truth I signed on the said day, month, and year as above. Fr. Francisco Zuñiga (rubric) Minister of Doctrine for His Majesty
Event Relationship [9 Records]

Personal ID: 782 Given Name: Vicente Prudencio Surname: Salazar Relationship: Deceased father of the bride
Personal ID: 2397 Given Name: María Josefa de Surname: Urrea Relationship: Mother of the bride
Personal ID: 3351 Given Name: Francisco Sánchez Surname: Zúñiga Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 5626 Given Name: Juan Tomás de Surname: Beldarrain Relationship: Witness
Personal ID: 6721 Given Name: Francisco Xavier Ignacio Surname: Salazar Relationship: Witness
Personal ID: 11050 Given Name: Toribio de Surname: Otero Relationship: Husband
Personal ID: 11051 Given Name: José de Surname: Otero Relationship: Father of the groom
Personal ID: 11052 Given Name: Francisca Surname: Granillo Relationship: Mother of the groom
Personal ID: 11053 Given Name: María Ignacia Surname: Salazar Relationship: Wife
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