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Event ID: 2246 Book: San Xavier Page Number: NN
Event: Marriage Event Date: 10/26/1775 Event Place: San Xavier del Bac
Notes: On October 26, 1775, I the undersigned minister for His Majesty in the mission of San José de Pimas, and chaplain of the expedition that is going to Monterey by order of the Lord Viceroy and conducting families there under the command of Lord Commander Don Juan Bautista de Ansa, having presented themselves before me, Ignacio de la Higuera to contract matrimony with María Michaela Bojorques: Tiburcio Vazquez to contract matrimony with María Antonia Bojorques; Gregorio Sandobal, widower, to contract matrimony with María Dolores Ontiveros: the preceding requirements having been administered, and the publication of the three Banns as mandated by the Holy Council of Trent, and no impediment to celebrating the matrimonial contract having resulted: convinced of their spontaneous free will, of which I asked at the time, I proceeded to marry and did marry in church ceremony the prenamed couples, and they received the nuptial blessings. Witnesses to the marriage of Ignacio de la Higuera and María Michaela Bojorques, were Francisco Bernal and Phelipe Tapia. These same witnesses and various others of the Expedition who were present, also witnessed the marriage of Tiburcio Vazquez and María Antonia Bojorques and the marriage of Gregorio Sandobal and María Dolores Ontiveros. For this truth I sign on the above mentioned day, month, and year in the Mission of San Francisco Xavier del Bac where I married them. Fr. Pedro Font (rubric)
Event Relationship [5 Records]

Personal ID: 6139 Given Name: Pedro Surname: Font Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 6142 Given Name: Francisco Surname: Bernal Relationship: Witness
Personal ID: 6143 Given Name: Felipe Santiago Surname: Tapia Relationship: Witness
Personal ID: 6146 Given Name: Gregorio Surname: Sandoval Relationship: Husband
Personal ID: 6147 Given Name: María Dolores Surname: Ontiveros Relationship: Wife
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