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Personal Information

Surname: Garcia Given Name: José Sex: M
Place of Birth: Date of Birth: Order:
Place of Death: Date of Death: Cause of Death:
Race or Tribe: Residence: Santa Ana Title: Marido de María Rosa Figueroa
Place of Service: Burial Place: Translation: (Spanish - surname adaptation of ancient Basque given name)
Notes: He was dead by 1746

Event Relationship [8 Records]

Event ID: 3185 Relationship: Witness Event Date: 12/11/1766    
Event ID: 6478 Relationship: Father Event Date: 07/22/1746 View Document A  
Event ID: 8010 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 04/07/1735 View Document A  
Event ID: 8197 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 05/07/1739 View Document A  
Event ID: 8263 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 05/15/1740 View Document A  
Event ID: 8290 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 09/29/1741 View Document A  
Event ID: 8447 Relationship: Father Event Date: 04/17/1745 View Document A  
Event ID: 9358 Relationship: Father of the husband Event Date: 01/01/1776 View Document A  
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