Big Prairie

4 miles round trip
Ski this mostly level route from the ranger station through the 1988 burn to a large natural meadow and return. Keep left at both road junctions. Highlights include views of the North Fork of the Flathead River, the Whitefish Range to the west, and the Livingston Range to the east.


Last report - March 12
Plenty of snow. Conditions have been changing daily as the weather changes so watch the weather. With warm days and cold nights expect icy conditions in morning. Right now the trail is in a shambles from people walking and sinking in a foot or two. There are tracks all over the road making in difficult to ski for at least the first mile or mile and a half. People have skied when it was warm and they sunk down in lots of places adding more fun to the obstacle course. Hikers and Snow Shoes should stay in one track and not keep switching or walking abreast of friend.



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