Big Prairie

4 miles round trip
Ski this mostly level route from the ranger station through the 1988 burn to a large natural meadow and return. Keep left at both road junctions. Highlights include views of the North Fork of the Flathead River, the Whitefish Range to the west, and the Livingston Range to the east.


Last report - February 13
Snow has been settling but still lots of snow. After the weekend there are tracks to Big Prairie, Bowman, Covey Meadow, and Lone Pine Prairie. The tracks can be deep and some places a little rough because of snow shoes and skiers using the same track. With the warm days and cold nights it can be very fast (too fast for some hills). Hills can be chopped up a bit with people trying to make it down. While the snow is getting crusty on top breaking through is common when off tracks. Looks like rain later this week so things will change. The outside road might be icy but lots of people have been traveling it. Use caution. Please respect ski tracks. Snowshoe and walk to the side.



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