Glacier National Park Current Road Status
as of 7:22PM Mountain Time on 6-14-2021

Visitors can drive 15.5 miles from the West Entrance to Avalanche, and 13.5 miles from the St. Mary Entrance to Jackson Glacier Overlook.

The section of the road between Avalanche and Jackson Glacier Overlook is closed due to plowing. On the West Side, hiker/biker access is to The Loop while the road crew working, approximately 8 miles past the vehicle closure. When road crew is not working there is a hard hiker/biker closure at Logan Pass, approximately 16 miles past the vehicle closure. On the East Side, the hiker/biker closure is at No Stump Point (just beyond Siyeh Bend) approximately 3 miles past the vehicle closure.


Other Park Roads

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Inside North Fork Road
The Inside North Fork Road is currently closed at Logging Creek RS and Fish Creek. Update: on the south end the road is OPEN to Camas Creek with hiker/ biker access only between Logging and Camas Creek
Camas Road
The Camas Road is open.
Chief Mountain Road
The Chief Mountain Road is open.
Cut Bank Road
The Cut Bank Road is currently closed at Ranger Station due to the weather.
Many Glacier Road
The Many Glacier Road is open.
Two Medicine Road
The Two Medicine Road is open.