Current Closures

September 26, 2016: Opens Portions of Oak Island (224kb pdf)

Map of windstorm damage in Apostle Islands, with trail closures.
Windstorm damage to the Apostle Islands, with trail closures.


Storm Damage Closures as of July 26, 2016:
Severe thunderstorms and associated high winds that occurred during the early hours on Thursday, July 21 caused widespread storm damage on the islands. Park staff are still assessing damage, but there are numerous downed trees causing campsite and trail closures.

Current closures include:

  • Cat Island campsite
  • Manitou Island trails
  • Stockton Island Quarry Bay Trail from the intersection of Trout Point to Quarry Bay
  • Stockton Island Trout Point Trail
  • Oak Island trail, from Site 1 to the intersection of the overlook trail
  • Michigan Island trail

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