"The post-and-rail fences stretching across the fields lying between us and the enemy's position, I regard as the fatal obstacle to our complete success on the left, and success there would, doubtless, would have changed the fate of the day. Of the existence of this obstacle none of my division had any previous knowldge, and we learned it at the expense of may valuable lives"
Gen. John Walker, Army of Northern Virginia
Volunteers and staff build historic fencing along the Otto Farm lane
Volunteers and staff build historic fencing along the Otto Farm lane.

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The wooden fences at Antieam are a key element in the historic battlefield landscape and played a crucial role in the battle. The park is currenly restoring miles of fences throughout the battlefield. There are two main types of historic fences - the five rail verticle and the stacked snake rail. If you see a fence like these at Antietam, they represent a fenceline that was here during the battle.

Supporting the fence building project is a way for people to make a meaningful contribution--from a penny, to a dollar, to hundreds of dollars. Your gift will add new sections of historic fencing and help restore the battlefield. If you or your organization is interested, please contact Bob Casey at (301) 432-4329 or click here to send him an e-mail or make a donation online today.

Antietam fences
Two types of historic fencing that the battlefield is restoring.

Value the sacrifice and serenity that is Antietam

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