POW Research Grant program

Andersonville National Historic Site, home of the National Prisoner of War Museum, seeks applicants for an annual grant program which will provide financial assistance to support original research and writing leading to interpretive works on the history of American Prisoners of War. These research grants are made possible through the generosity of the Friends of Andersonville. The Friends of Andersonville are a 501[c][3] organization fostering public understanding of the role Andersonville National Historic Site plays in our Nation’s History.

Grant Guidelines and Information:

  • Academic scholars (including graduate students), independent scholars, and professional and non-professional writers are encouraged to apply. Multi-year projects are eligible and can re-apply for funding each year provided all requirements are fulfilled.
  • This grant is intended to promote interest in the American Prisoner of War experience and encourage scholarly research that leads to documentation of the prisoner of war experience in a variety of media including theses, publications, and audiovisual productions.
  • Especially encouraged are research projects that cover subjects not well represented in the published record. Topics of special interest include:
    • The administrative history of Camp Sumter, Andersonville National Cemetery, and the Andersonville National Historic Site from the Civil War to the present
    • Prisoners of war during early conflicts in American history
    • Individual prisoner of war camps
    • The experiences of minorities as prisoners of war
    • Subject matter can also extend to relevant aspects of the prisoner of war experience, such as the families of POWs and the guards at prisoner of war camps, including the Georgia Reserves and others at Camp Sumter (Andersonville) Prison.
  • Awards are for $1,000 and can be used to offset travel expenses and other research related activities, excluding large equipment purchases, incurred during the calendar year of the grant.
  • This is a lump sum grant awarded for a calendar year. Recipients will receive the grant funds in the form of a one-time payment issued only after the following requirements have been met:
    • Documentation of research conducted must be submitted before December 15 of the grant year. This can be in the form of travel documents, receipts, photographs, or other similar materials documenting research efforts.
    • If research is completed and published by the end of the grant year, a copy of any resulting publication(s) or a final research report must be submitted and approved before December 15 of the grant year. Final reports should include detailed research objectives, methods, results, analysis, and discussion.
    • If research is ongoing or has not yet been published, an interim report must be submitted and approved before December 15 of the grant year. Interim reports should include detailed objectives, methods, and interim results of sponsored research and any conclusions or implications of those results up to that point.
  • If an interim report is submitted to meet the requirements for grant disbursement, a final report or copies of any publication(s) resulting from sponsored research must be submitted within 3 months of publication or completion.
  • Final publications or reports must be submitted in both digital and hard copy format. Interim publications may be submitted in digital format only. Final publications and reports will be added to the park’s POW Research Library to benefit future researchers and development of park programs.
  • Copies of all deliverables resulting from sponsored research (dissertation, published article, audiovisual production, etc.) must be provided to the National Prisoner of War Museum at Andersonville National Historic Site within 24 months of the grant award.

Application Procedure

Complete applications must be received no later than January 10, 2020. Incomplete applications will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application is complete and has been received.

Complete applications will include:

  1. A complete Application for Prisoner of War Research Grant
  2. A current curriculum vita
  3. Two letters of recommendation

Applications may be submitted by e-mail or standard mail (see application instructions). For more information, contact the Cemetery Administrator at 229-924-0343 ext. 112.

Last updated: December 4, 2019

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