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Trial of Henry Wirz

Cover page of transcript
The title page of the trial transcript

NPS/Andersonville National Historic Site

Published at the request of Congress, this government document provides a transcript of the trial of Captain Wirz. In the words of the compiler, "It is arranged in narrative form for the sake of compactness and as being more easily read, the exact language of each witness being given as nearly as practicable. In cases where the meaning of a witness is doubtful or his answer evasive, and also where the testimony is of great importance, the questions and answers have been given."


United States. 40th Congress, 2d Session. 1867-1868. House Executive Document No. 23
Published Date:
Report or Paper
Grade Levels:
Seventh Grade-General
Civil War, History, Law, Leadership, Military and Wartime History
National/State Standards:
Georgia Performance Standards
High School (United States History) SSUSH9
Middle School (8th Grade GA Studies) SS8H6
Elementary School (5th Grade Social Studies – American History) SS5H1
Historical & Environmental Education Reading

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