Lesson Plan

Civil War Prison Museum Activity Booklet

Students work on an activity in the museum hallway.
Students work on an activity in the museum hallway.

NPS/Andersonville NHS

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Grade Level:
Fifth Grade-Ninth Grade
African American History and Culture, Civil War, Law, Military and Wartime History
40 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 60 (10-15 breakout groups)
in the park
National/State Standards:
This activity aligns to the common core standards for ELA/social studies.


A booklet is available for students to work through as they explore the National Prisoner of War Museum, emphasizing the Civil War prisoner experience. If you plan on using this activity, you will need run copies for your
students before you arrive.


At the end of the activity, the students will be able to:

  • Students will learn about the experiences of prisoners of war.
  • Students will examine the challenges faced by prisoners at Andersonville.


The National Prisoner of War Museum contains an elaborate series of exhibits, centered on the experiences of prisoners of war throughout American history. This activity focuses students on answering questions related specifically to the Civil War in order to get the most out of their museum visit.

Please remind students of the following:

  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the National Prisoner of War Museum.
  • Students should be courteous and refrain from running, shouting, or horseplay.
  • Please do not touch or place objects on any of the museum displays.


Provided by Teacher - photocopies of the scavenger hunt included with this lesson.