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Dinosaur Kit

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This kit introduces paleontology and the way fossils are created and uncovered, as well as theories on dinosaur anatomy, behavior, and more. The wealth of curriculum ideas in the teacher's guide alone makes this an exciting kit to teach as well as experience as a student.

Kit Includes:

Teacher's Guide and Curriculum Ideas/Lesson Plans

Fossils in Alaska National Park handout

Fossil Collecting & Artifact Hunting in Alaska brochure

Alaska Dinosaurs brochure

Dinosaurs on the North Sloop brochure

Beringian Research Notes: Woolly Mammoth, N. Am. Short-Faced

 Bear, American Lion, Jefferson's Ground Sloth, Am. Scimitar Cat,

 Giant Beaver, Ice Age Yukon and Alaskan Camels

Geological Time Line Bookmark

When Dinosaurs Roamed America's National Parks (DVD)

When Dinosaurs Roamed America (DVD)

Sue Guide (CD)

Dinosaurs Zoobooks

Newsweek-How Dinosaurs Lived

Fossil Ed Kit Notebook Guide from BLM Alaska

Alaska Geographic: Prehistoric Alaska book

Eyewitness Books: Dinosaurs

Prehistoric Treasures of the NP's of Alaska book

Dinosaurs and Dinosaur National Monument resource packet

You Can Draw Dinosaurs book

Uncover T Rex (3-D look inside T. rex!) book

Greatland Jr. Ranger Special Dino-Might Edition

Alaskan Dinosaurs poster

And much more!


Borrowing Instructions

 Contact the center's Education Specialist to bring this traveling trunk into your class curriculum at (907) 644-3670


Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Earth Science, Paleontology
Traveling Trunk

Last updated: April 14, 2015