New Fish Cleaning Station at the Pecos

Fishing is the number one reason visitors come to Amistad NRA. The fish cleaning station is an integral part of the Pecos sub-district and essential to visitor satisfaction and safety. It is located 47 miles from the other developed areas of the Park. The new system will be a complete replacement of the existing fish cleaning station with some significant design improvements learned through years of operational experience. The new fish cleaning station consists of two 3,500 gallon holding tanks, a 500 sq. ft. tubular steel shelter, a 600 sq. ft. concrete building pad, a 5 hosepower grinder motor and grinder, a sink, a cutting table, a 100 sq. ft. concrete walkway, asphalt parking area for 6 vehicles with trailers and associated plumbing/electrical work.

The current fish cleaning station is in constant use year round for processing fish waste. Due to its constant use and wet conditions, the structure has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer cost effective to repair. It is constantly out of service for plumbing, electrical or motor repairs. Without the use of the fish cleaning station, park visitors resort to use of waste receptacles, which attract rodents, raccoons, feral animals and vultures. Park employees are constantly cleaning up fish waste and coming in close proximity to wildlife creating a severe safety hazard.

Completion of this project will provide uninterrupted high value visitor service. It will also mitigate real safety hazards for visitors and employees associated with fish waste being discarded in waste receptacles and on the ground. It will save valuable time and resources and allow a limited maintenance staff to focus on other activities.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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