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Archeology Fair Atlatl Activity
Archeology Fair Atlatl Activity

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Education Programs

Teachers: These standards-based education programs are available for your needs. Reservations are required.

Field Trips

5th Grade Lessons on the Lake Houseboat Trip--Amistad National Recreation Area--orientation to Amistad NRA and classes on local geology and adaptations of desert plants and animals

Teachers: Click on the the following Adaptations lesson plan and print a copy. Pre-field trip activities are available to do with your students. Please make copies of page 5 (answer sheets) for students when coming on the Lessons on the Lake field trip. Post-field trip activities are also available in the packet.

Adaptations Lesson Plan

Dino Days--Whitehead Museum Del Rio, TX--learn about dinosaurs of the Texas area through many discovery activities

Archeology Fair--Whitehead Museum Del Rio, TX--learn about local history, traditions, historical and ancient lifeways through demonstrations, living history, and discovery activities

In-Classroom Programs

3rd Grade

A Fan and a Glass of Cold Water--desert adaptations of plants and animals

Monarch Magic--natural history, migration and life cycle of the monarch butterfly

4th Grade

Birds, Birds, Birds--natural history of birds and learning to identify birds using field guides and binoculars

Lower Pecos Lifeways--everyday survival and lifeways of the Prehistoric People of the Pecos--replica artifacts will be examined as part of the lesson

5th Grade

Crack, Crumble and Carry--activities and powerpoint program highlight weathering, erosion and deposition

Chihuahuan Desert Community--interrelationships that exist in our part of the Chihuahuan Desert

Contact Education Specialist Lisa Evans at (830)775-7491 x223 for more information and to make reservations for field trips and in-classroom programs.

For Lessons on the Lake and Archeology Fair, reservations must be made at the beginning of the school year. For the in-classroom programs, 30 days advance notice is needed.

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