Working in America: The Allegheny Portage Railroad and the Immigration Movement

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"Working in America" is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students achieve state and national standards in History/Social Studies, Speaking/Listening, Geography, Arts/Humanities, and Technology Education. The working standards vary state to state, but there is substantail agreement on the knowledge and skills students should acquire.


African American History and Culture, Architecture, Economics, Engineering, Family Life, Geography, Government, History, Immigration, Inventions / Inventors, Labor History, Law, Mexican War, Religion, Slavery, Sociology
National/State Standards:
National Standard 1-4
Pennsylvania Standard 8.1.6
Pennsylvania Standard 1.6.5
Pennsylvania Standard 3.6
Pennsylvania Standard 3.6.7
Pennsylvania Standard 7.3
Pennsylvania Standard 7.3.6
Pennsylvania Standard 9.1
Pennsylvania Standard 9.1.12

Last updated: February 26, 2015