Donald and Lucille Lambert Condrill

Lucille Lambert Condrill
Lucile Lambert was born and raised in California. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor she was working as a Secretary for the Army Corps of Engineers in Los Angeles. Having a desire to do her part for the war effort and serve overseas, Lucile decided to join the American Red Cross. She was sent to Whittier in 1943 and met her soon to be husband, Donald Condrill, the following year.

Donald Condrill
Donald Condrill was from New York, the son of Italian and German immigrants. When WWII began for the United States he was working in a department store and going to night college, living in Brooklyn. In May 1942 he joined the Army and in January 1943 graduated from the Coastal Artillery Officers Candidate School commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. He was assigned to the Army’s 7th Infantry Division and sent to Alaska as platoon leader for an anti-aircraft battery. He was involved in the battles of Attu and Kiska. He was later assigned as Transportation officer at the Port of Whittier where he met Lucile Lambert, an American Red Cross volunteer. Don and Lucile married in 1946 after the war ended. Don remained in the Army until 1974 when he retired after 32 years of service, with the rank of Colonel.

Through photos we learn more about Lucile’s life in Alaska. Also included are photos of Donald Condrill a 7th Infantry Division soldier in WWII.

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