Clifford McGinnis

World War II-era image of uniformed Clifford McGinnis and his son

Photo courtesy of Robert H. McGinnis, from the collection of Clifford F. McGinnis, Post Engineer, Amchitka. Dec 1944-Jan 1946.

Clifford McGinnis served in the ROTC at the University of Iowa earning a degree in Electrical Engineering. In June of 1942 he was ordered to service with the Army Corp of Engineers. He served at a number of bases on the US mainland in various capacities and ended up at Amchitka in December 1944 where he served as Commanding Officer for the Engineer Detachment. He was responsible for over 1000 military and civilian employees constructing docks, roads, hangars, runways, barracks, warehouses, power generation plants, water supply systems, sewage disposal and other facilities and systems necessary to run a base. After 13 months on Amchitka he returned to Ft. Leavenworth Kansas where he was discharged from active duty. He achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel in 1953 under the US Army Reserve.

Through photos learn more about Clifford McGinnis’ tour of duty on Amchitka Island during World War II. You can also read a letter he wrote to his sweetheart in late May, 1945 and a copy of the story "Battle of the Aleutians," which commemorates the actions in the campaign by the Intelligence Section, Field Force Headquarters on Adak, and reproduced by the 29th Engineers. Appended to the story are Clifford's discharge papers.

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