Irene Makarin

As part of the "Beginning of Memory Project," Ray Hudson conducted interviews with Aleuts who were forced to evacuate from their homes during World War II. Many of the evacuees from the Aleutians faced years away from their childhood homes, sometimes in deplorable camps. Many communities - the "Lost Villages" - were never resettled.

Irene Makarin was born in Unalaska in 1930 and raised in Biorka. Her mother died around 1932 and Irene was adopted by Andrew and Ester (Eustina) Makarin leaders in the Biorka community. She lived in Biorka until evacuated at the start of WWII. Following the war she married William (Coco) Yatchmenoff from Chernofski. Irene was part of the resettlement of Biorka after the war.

Download a full transcript of Irene's interview.

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