John Fahey

John Fahey enlisted in the US Navy at age 17 and served as a radioman aboard the U.S.S. St. Mihiel during World War II transporting troops and nurses to and from Alaska where he endured some harrowing voyages.

During his tour of duty in the Aleutians he arrived in Dutch Harbor just after the bombing and witnessed the damage first hand, served on the St. Mihiel in service as a hospital ship during the Battle of Attu and US/Canadian invasion of Kiska.

He went on to serve on the supply ship U.S.S. Volans in the South Pacific towards the end of World War II and then in Korea and China once the war ended.


Transcript summary

  1. Joining the Navy and becoming a radioman audio / transcript
  2. A radioman’s life audio / transcript
  3. Service on the U.S.S. St. Mihiel audio / transcript
  4. Transporting servicemen and military personnel audio / transcript
  5. Frightening experiences on the ship audio / transcript
  6. Damage observed after the bombing of Dutch Harbor, Memorable trips on the St. Mihiel, service as hospital ship during the battle of Attu audio / transcript
  7. Assisting wounded from the Battle of Attu, keeping informed on the battle’s progress while on the St. Mihiel audio / transcript
  8. Steering a ship audio / transcript
  9. Life on a transport ship audio / transcript
  10. Spare time onboard, route of ship audio / transcript
  11. Akutan Zero audio / transcript
  12. Visiting Juneau, the invasion of Kiska audio / transcript
  13. Contact with the outside world audio / transcript
  14. Service in the South Pacific on a cargo ship audio / transcript
  15. Navy service after the end of World War II audio / transcript
  16. Service in Korea and China after the war ended audio / transcript
  17. Life after the Navy audio / transcript

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