David Hemming Hendrickson

a young man in a sailor uniform with a hat that says "Coast Guard"
David Hendrickson S 1/c, USS Albuquerque (PF-7), Kodiak, Alaska. October 1944.

Courtesy David Hendrickson, USCG, Aleutian Islands.

David Hendrickson served in the US Coast Guard during WWII from 1943-1946. A native of Berkeley California he served significant time aboard the USS Albuquerque PF-7, the USS Adm. E.W. Eberle AP-123 and USCG FS-34. He was trained at Treasure Island, California and at the Seamanship school, USCG Government Island, Alameda, California.

The USS Albuquerque (PF-7), commissioned in 1943, became home for David during his service in the Aleutians. The Albuquerque provided escort, patrol and life saving services in the Bering Sea. David authored two books about his experiences in the Aleutians and the "Forgotten Fleet" of patrol frigates: Cold Sea, Lonely Sea: A Bering Sea Odyssey Aboard a Patrol Frigate in World War II and The Patrol Frigate Story-the Tacoma Class Frigates in World War II and the Korean War 1943-1953.

Download a transcript of David's interview (accessible PDF 500 KB).

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