Harold "Bud" Ross Johnston

Harold "Bud" Johnston was on a machine gun position on the beach at Umnak Island when Japanese planes attacked in June 1942. He watched as P-40s engaged the Japanese fighters and fended them off. He later served on Adak and was involved in the reoccupation of Kiska as well as part of Company F, 153rd infantry.

Bud was interviewed in 2008 and 2013, and also did a video interview.

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46 minutes, 43 seconds

Mr. Johnston's interview is provided courtesy of Arkansas Educational Television Network


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Interview summary

0:00:56.0 Greetings and introductions

0:03:26.3 Life in Dardanelle, Arkansas, before the war

0:06:36.9 He learns of Pearl Harbor while at Camp Murray, Washington

0:08:37.0 Training maneuvers

0:11:22.5 Heading to Alaska

0:15:09.2 Building a secret base on Umnak

0:22:50.6 The Japanese find the secret base

0:28:19.8 Japanese prisoners taken to San Diego

0:29:51.8 The Japanese slip away from Kiska

0:32:49.7 Heading back to the States

0:33:54.8 Home on furlough during the war

0:34:57.8 Heading to Camp Hood to train recruits and then joining the paratroopers

0:39:46.6 Heading to Germany

0:41:12.3 His ship is damaged and heads to the Azores

0:49:07.1 He finally joins Company D of the 502nd of the 101st in Germany and sees Hitler's home in the Alps

0:57:01.8 The war ends in Europe

1:06:21.1 Returning home

1:07:42.0 Getting back to work at home

1:11:29.3 Reunions with friends over the years

1:13:30.2 Questions on his thoughts about our country, democracy, liberty, and citizenship responsibilities

1:18:45.0 His thoughts about war resolving conflicts between countries

1:20:36.2 His definition of democracy

1:23:05.8 Responsibilities of citizens of this country in his opinion and what liberty means to him

1:28:58.5 Words of wisdom for future generations

End of interview at 1:33:01.4


Download a complete transcript of this interview.

Interview summary

0:00:00.1 Greetings and introductions.

0:03:15.9 Trip to Alaska on the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Dutch Harbor

0:05:13.0 Going to Alaska in 1942

0:06:59.0 Life and work at Umnak

0:11:42.9 Loss of supplies on sinking barges

0:14:41.6 Duty at Camp Murray, Washington

0:18:12.0 Activities at Camp Murray, Washington

0:20:14.0 Building a secret base on Umnak

0:23:00.8 The Japanese find the base at Umnak

0:30:35.7 News of the Battle of Dutch Harbor

0:33:00.9 Suicides and cemetery duty on Umnak

0:37:59.6 Entertainment on Umnak

0:42:04.5 Black soldiers on Umnak

0:44:18.4 Moving on to Adak and the Japanese prisoners

0:48:52.6 Good friends for life

0:52:53.5 Getting back to the States and training recruits

0:56:30.9 Parachute training and heading to Europe

0:57:59.8 Father and son share war experiences

0:59:50.0 Snafus keep him from the D-Day Invasion

End of interview at 1:00:40.7

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