Bruce Hubbard

Blue tinted black and white photo of a young man looking to his right
Bruce Hubbard, Attu Island, 1945
When Bruce Hubbard graduated from high school in 1942, he joined his brother and his father at the Boeing Aircraft Company where he worked as a mechanic. The company was so satisfied with his work, they offered to get him a deferment. Hubbard would have none of it. He wanted to fly. Within a few months he found himself at Sheppard Field in Texas for basic training. As soon as he was trained up, he was sent to the Aleutian Islands where he flew P-40s in the 11th Fighter Squadron. He was incredibly pleased when a new shipment of P-38s arrived on the islands, saying, "Well it was like you wanted to pay the government. It was such a blessing."

Explore his interviews below, or download a transcript of all three interviews (accessible PDF, 549 KB)

Last updated: October 17, 2017

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