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There is a wealth of information about Alcatraz on the Internet. Here are a few sites to start with. As most of these sites are privately operated we do not endorse nor imply the accuracy of any information once you leave

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The following links will help you explore the year and a half occupation by Indians of All Tribes which began in November, 1969:

A photo archive by photographer Ilka Hartmann of the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz in 1969-71.

Article by Dr. Troy Johnson on the Alcatraz occupation.

Wikipedia article on the Alcatraz occupation.

PBS site on the film Alcatraz Is Not An Island about the 1969-71 occupation of Alcatraz.

CNN article on the 40th anniversary of the occupation in 2009.

San Francisco State University site with numerous videos shot by KPIX and KQED during the occupation.

A tribute to Joseph Leo 'Indian Joe' Morris who passed away on October 18 - Joe played a very important role in the occupation as a longshoreman and member of the Blackfoot tribe.

Interview with Ilka Hartmann who took many of the photos of the occupation of Alcatraz.

Text of THE ALCATRAZ PROCLAMATION TO THE GREAT WHITE FATHER AND HIS PEOPLE, 1969, from the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz.

"Recognition Deserved: The Impacts of the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz 1969-1971" a paper presented at the Student Research Conference on Richard Nixon and His Era at California State University, Fullerton.

Alcatraz links related to the U.S. Army fortress and military prison on Alcatraz from 1859 to 1934, and the U.S. Penitentiary Alcatraz from 1934 to 1963:

This site was developed by the Museum Management Division of the National Park Service and features photos and information on objects in the park's museum collection as well as audio content and some QTVR 360 degree photos of parts of the island.

These are two sites by authors that contain good information about Alcatraz.
The first site covers the penitentiary years (1934 - 1963) and contains a lot of information not otherwise available online, for example the text of the "Rules and Regulations" book given to all inmates, and a listing of all inmates from the penitentiary era.
The second site, by a former Alcatraz park ranger, concentrates on the military history of Alcatraz from 1850 to 1934.

Bureau of Prisons official site, contains some basic information on Alcatraz history). Additional information is available here but generally hard to find unless you use the site search engine (for example, the FALLEN HEROS section contains information on Correctional Officers who died on the island in the line of duty).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation site contains information on "Famous Cases" in FBI history including some related to Alcatraz. A search will find some of the information they have available - but not all of it is obvious, for example there is information about former Alcatraz inmate Morton Sobel in the Julies and Ethel Rosenberg files if you know to look for it there.

These two sites are produced by former residents of Alcatraz and include a lot of good information including photographs from the island when it was a penitentiary. Many former residents return to the island early in August each year to meet with the public and share their stories. Call 415-561-4900 for more information on this annual gathering.

Both of these sites are for the Public Broadcasting Service and have Alcatraz sections related to videos - related the WE HOLD THE ROCK (the American Indian occupation) and related to the video LONELY ISLAND HIDDEN ALCATRAZ which is an overview of the island's history. Use the site search engines to locate the Alcatraz sections. Also has Alcatraz teacher's guides, links, etc.

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