Digital Gallery Talks

Digital gallery talks: Audio and images come together to provide an in-depth exploration of an element of the site and its history. Listen to these podcasts at our site on your mobile device to enhance your visit, use them in your classroom to enrich learning, or download them and learn about our site when you are on the go!

1) Ancestral Rites of Return - Learn a little more about the reburial of 419 remains at our site

2) The Core- Find out more about the way the burial ground and its surroundings looked in the 1700's

3) The Doctors Mob Riot and Burial 323- Learn about one of the most famous burials at our site and how it may hold links to America's first riot. Discover this story and how medical experimentation threatened our site.

4) Esteban Gomes- This Afro-Hispanic explorer was the second explorer to visit New York City and the first African known to have visited our city. In this podcast, we discuss the life of this famous explorer and the African role in exploring the Americas.

5) Jan Rodrigues- The first settler of New York City was a man of African and Hispanic ancestry. Learn about his fascinating life in this podcast.

6) Collect Pond- This body of water, the deepest lake in old Manhattan, surrounded the African Burial Ground. Learn how its fate and our fate were linked together.

7) Land Of The Blacks- This term refers to the first land settled by African New Yorkers. Learn more about this community, which included parts of the African Burial Ground.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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