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The supportive function of the African Burial Ground National Monument’s collection is to support the park’s mission goals to preserve and interpret the history of the African Burial Ground.

There are approximately 8,000 archival records related to the African Burial Ground National Monument representing the cultural history of New York’s lower Manhattan and the contributions of New York’s enslaved and free African population’s to the city of New York and beyond.

The collection consists primarily of site-related materials unearthed, discovered during the 1991 excavation and documents the follow on deliberations spearheaded by the community to create the national monument. This archival collection will be used by the national park team and public to create meaningful experiences to educate and inspire present and future generations about the African Burial Ground through exhibits, research, interpretive programs, publications and the media.

Link to Finding Aids:
  1. Finding Aid, African Burial Ground Project Records, 1935 – 2009
(bulk dates 1989 – 2007)
Part I: Descriptions and Indexes

  1. Finding Aid, African Burial Ground Project Records, 1935 – 2009
(bulk dates 1989 – 2007)
Part II: Collection Listing

Research Access Procedures:
To access the archival collection for research, please go to the African Burial Ground’s website Email: african_burial_ground to place your request to access the collection. A written request clearly describing the reason for the research and the credentials of the research is required. All written requests must be submitted at least one week in advance of the desired appointment date.

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