GPS Coordinates

GPS users will find coordinates for many popular park locations in the chart below. All coordinates are given in decimal degrees from WGS84 datum. When using your GPS to navigate about the park, please keep these suggestions in mind.

  • Obey all posted signs and park regulations.
  • Don't blindly follow your GPS! It may know where to go but not necessarily the best way to get there (for example, some roads here are one way). An electronic device is no substitute for common sense.
  • Be wary of accidentally travelling on private lands in order to access public areas. This area is a patchwork of public and private lands.

Good luck and have fun exploring Acadia National Park.

Location Type Latitude Longitude
Bar Harbor Town Pier Boat Landing 44.392087 -68.204052
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse Parking Area 44.222568 -68.337273
Bear Brook Picnic Area Picnic Area 44.360353 -68.198953
Blackwoods Campground Entrance Station Info/Fees 44.310204 -68.204045
Cadillac Mountain Parking Area 44.352643 -68.224610
COA Pier (private) Boat Landing 44.395945 -68.219885
Eagle Lake Boat Ramp Boat Landing 44.376513 -68.250634
Echo Lake Beach Parking Area 44.314308 -68.336482
Fabbri Picnic Area Picnic Area 44.314381 -68.195138
Frazer Point Picnic Area Picnic Area 44.374892 -68.074710
Headquarters Parking Area 44.374423 -68.260078
Ikes Point Boat Ramp Boat Ramp 44.325744 -68.334241
Jordan Pond Boat Ramp Boat Ramp 44.322836 -68.253771
Jordan Pond House Building 44.320484 -68.253658
Jordan Pond House - North Lot Parking Area 44.321547 -68.251892
Jordan Pond House - South Lot Parking Area 44.319896 -68.253908
Moore Auditorium Parking Area 44.335228 -68.061067
Otter Cliff Parking Area 44.310803 -68.189828
Park Loop Road Entrance on Rt. 233 Park Entrance 44.381263 -68.230050
Ponds End Boat Ramp (municipal) Boat Ramp 44.354826 -68.363204
Precipice Parking Area Parking Area 44.349485 -68.187919
Pretty Marsh Picnic Area Picnic Area 44.333169 -68.406846
Sand Beach Parking Area 44.330198 -68.183998
Sand Beach Entrance Station Info/Fees 44.338797 -68.183168
Schoodic Education and Research Center (SERC) Park Entrance 44.336629 -68.057280
Seal Cove Pond Boat Ramp Boat Ramp 44.292104 -68.392393
Seawall Campground Entrance Station Info/Fees 44.240444 -68.304272
Seawall Picnic Area Picnic Area 44.237646 -68.302139
Ship Harbor Trailhead Parking Area 44.231745 -68.325446
Sieur de Monts Nature Center Building 44.362097 -68.207830
Thompson Island Information Center Parking Area 44.426989 -68.366619
Thompson Island Picnic Area Parking Area 44.426906 -68.364621
Thunder Hole Parking Area 44.321011 -68.189330
Visitor Center Parking Area 44.409286 -68.247501
Wildwood Stables Building 44.314663 -68.236661
Wonderland Trailhead Parking Area 44.233636 -68.320198

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