BioBlitz Series - True Bug (Hemiptera) Blitz

Watch the videos below and view the photo gallery to see scenes from 2008's successful Hemiptera BioBlitz. Results of the blitz will be posted when they are available.

Three people walking on rocks with bug nets
Participants head out to search for true bugs.

NPS/Karen Lanier

True Confessions of the True Bug Blitzers
Video - Windows Media (18.9 MB)
Duration - 4 minutes 56 seconds

Seasonal Ranger Karen Lanier filmed and created this video highlighting the people of the 2008 Hemiptera Blitz.

Initial image of red-cross schield bug on video is copyright 2007 by David Kleiman.

Sweep netting for hemiptera at the 2008 BioBlitz.
A BioBlitz participant sweep nets for hemiptera.

2008 Hemiptera BioBlitz
Video - Windows Media (10.4 MB) or Quicktime (11.2 MB)
Duration - 5 minutes 38 seconds

Chief of Resource Management at Acadia National Park, David Manski, documented the 2008 BioBlitz with this video.

True bug

Spittlebugs, Tree Hoppers, Waterstriders, and Stink Bugs—Oh My!!!!

2008 Hemiptera BioBlitz

On August 8-11, 2008, the park held its 6th annual BioBlitz, cataloguing biodiversity in Acadia National Park. The intensive weekend survey focused on the Hemiptera, or true bugs, at the Schoodic Education and Research Center (SERC) campus in the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park.

The National Park Service, Maine Entomological Society, Maine Forest Service, University of Maine, and Dorr Museum of Natural History at College of the Atlantic again co-sponsored the BioBlitz. Although the BioBlitz has passed, the links below will give you an idea of the event.

Stay tuned for the results of the 2008 True Bug Blitz! For additional information, contact David Manski at Acadia National Park via e-mail or at 207-288-8720.


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