BioBlitzes at Acadia

Sorting insects at Acadia BioBlitz
Searching for small insects at the 2011 Acadia BioBlitz


Since 2003, the National Park Service has hosted a series of field events to help document the biodiversity of Acadia National Park. Over the course of 24 hours during each BioBlitz event, biologists and naturalists conduct a rapid assessment of a specific group of invertebrates. While BioBlitzes cannot provide a complete inventory, they can document species occurrence, provide estimates of species richness, and identify rare and unique species.

The goals of Acadia National Park's BioBlitz program are to:

  1. build upon a legacy of past natural history studies;
  2. develop new science partnerships with science institutions and organizations;
  3. increase awareness and excitement about the park's biodiversity, and;
  4. establish new baseline information about little-known plants and animals.

Past BioBlitzes

  • 2015 (Hymenoptera and Myriapoda)

  • Beetles- 2013, 2014
  • Aquatic Insect Blitz - 2012
  • Moth and Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Blitz - 2011
  • Hymenoptera Blitz - 2010
  • Minor Order Blitz - 2009
  • True Bug (Hemiptera) Blitz - 2008
  • Spider Blitz - 2007
  • Fly (Diptera) Blitz - 2006
  • Beetle (Coleoptera) Blitz - 2005
  • Moth and Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Blitz - 2004
  • Ant (Formicida) Blitz - 2003

Free Workshops
For individuals and families interested in a shorter and more general introduction to the BioBlitz, the park generally holds public, hands-on Resource Acadia workshops in association with the BioBlitzes.

Three women look at insects in a pan of water.
Learning about true bugs from the experts at the 2008 Resource Acadia session

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