Air Resources

The air resources management program at Acadia is a comprehensive program designed to assess air pollution impacts and protect air quality-related resources. The park is downwind from large urban and industrial areas to the south and west and periodically experiences high concentrations of air pollutants, primarily as a result of long-range transport. As a Class I area under the Clean Air Act, Acadia is afforded the highest level of protection under the act.

The air program at Acadia began in the early 1980s and includes monitoring, research, and regulatory interaction with state and federal agencies. The core program includes long-term monitoring for ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fine particulates, visibility, mercury deposition and acid precipitation. Research has been conducted to determine the biological effects of selected air pollutants on park resources.

The air resources program is a collaborative effort involving the National Park Services' Air Resources Division and Northeast Regional Office, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and Acadia natural resource staff.


Last updated: February 26, 2015

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