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Junior Ranger Day

A proud new Junior Ranger shows off her official patch.
A proud new Junior Ranger shows off her official patch.

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This program has three parts: a visit to your classroom by a ranger, completing activities in the Acadia Junior Ranger book, and time outdoors at Acadia National Park.

Part I. In the classroom, the ranger introduces the National Park Service (NPS) using the NPS arrowhead that every ranger wears on their uniform. The arrowhead shows the many resources the NPS protects - plants, animals, water, air, land and history. It takes a lot of people to take care of Acadia and other national parks. Kids are given an overview of the many jobs that rangers perform. Then, working in small groups, every child gets to perform in a short skit depicting a different type of job that rangers do. The kids love dressing up as rangers and taking center stage!

Part II. At the end of this 60 minute classroom presentation the ranger gives every kid an Acadia National Park Junior Ranger Activity Book donated by the park. Students need to complete a certain number of the activities in order to become a Junior Ranger. They begin work on the activities in the classroom and complete them during their park visit.

Part III. Teachers contact the park's education office to schedule a three hour Junior Ranger Day at the park. Excited boys and girls participate in the following activities: hike a trail, complete a clean-up or other service project, have their Junior Ranger books signed by the ranger, and proudly repeat the Junior Ranger pledge. Rangers award students their Junior Ranger patches and celebrate by singing Junior Ranger songs.

As official Junior Rangers, students board their school bus, now prepared to explore, learn about, and protect the resources of Acadia.


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