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Carriage Road Explorers

Students form a body bridge on a carriage road.
Whether of stones and mortar or active bodies, bridges are built connecting Acadia's past and present.


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Students travel back in time along the carriage roads as they experience both nature and history preserved by Acadia National Park. Historical characters- engineers, laborers, stone cutters, landscape architect, architect, and philanthropist - tell the parts they played in constructing a carriage road system flanked by extraordinary scenery. Their hard work, determination, and talent, coupled with the vision of John D. Rockefeller Jr. created a lasting legacy loved by the millions who have spent time on them.

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Cynthia Ocel


Architecture, Community, Engineering, Historic Preservation, History, Landscapes, Philanthropy/Humanitarianism, Social Studies, Transportation
National/State Standards:
2007 Maine State Learning Results
Career & Education: A3 Interpersonal Skills, A4 Career / Life Roles, B1 Relationships, C3 Decision-making C4 Societal Needs and Changes
Social Studies: E1 Historical Knowledge, Concepts, Themes, and Patterns
philanthropy, stonework, history, Bridges, historic preservation, road construction, Rockefeller
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