Launi Lucas

Painting titled "Ocean" by Launi Lucas
“Ocean,” mixed media, 17 x 20 inches

Photo courtesy of Launi Lucas. Used with permission.

Depicting whales, and particularly baleen whales, and other marine life has been an important part of my work. As I arrived in Acadia, I began looking at recent studies on ocean micro-plastics and what affect they may have on aquatic life. Large marine animals are ingesting plastics, but so too are microscopic copepods and other zooplankton: a major food source for baleen whales.

The Gulf of Maine and Schoodic Penninsula is a captivating and powerful place: it crystallized my view and broadened my approach to making art. Imagery in “Ocean” represents the richness and vitality of life in a microscopic drop of sea water. It‘s a reflection on the necessity for adequate habitat conservation for vulnerable marine species.

– Launi Lucas

Paint, pastel, and pencil color sample swatches on the reverse side of artwork
Tests of media samples on the reverse side of the artwork, including oil pastels, soft pastels, and colored pencil

Photo courtesy of Launi Lucas. Used with permission.

Woman on gravel beach strewn with driftwood
Launi Lucas

As an assemblage artist, I’m influenced by fine artists and folk artists who use non-traditional materials in their creative process. There is a power, spontaneity, and passion there that always draws me in. There has never been a time in my life when I haven’t been a beachcomber, daydreamer and seeker of visual inspiration. Many of my sculptures represent marine based wildlife. There is no question that the wellbeing of our threatened and endangered flora and fauna face serious challenges ahead, and particularly those that depend on a healthy marine environment. This is usually in my thought process as I tinker about my workshop.

Launi Lucas is a sculptor, painter, and biological illustrator. She is an alumni of Emily Carr University of Art & Design and The Banff Centre; is a former member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, specializing in insect illustration at the University of British Columbia. Lucas is represented by i.e. Gallery in Edison, Washington. Visit her website.

Artwork of a wooden whale spouting fiber from blow hole with a carved person on its back
“Baleen Whale and Figure,” buoy assemblage, 19 x 9 x 9 inches

Photo courtesy of Launi Lucas. Used with permission.


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