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Figure 21. Criteria for Parklands Properties proposed for incorporation into the National Park System or Affiliated Area

Status must meet the Criteria for National Significance, Suitability, and Feasibility. =================================================================

I. National Significance (NPS and Affiliated Area)

  1. It is an outstanding example of a particular type of resource.
  2. It possesses exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the natural or cultural themes of our Nation's heritage.
  3. It offers superlative opportunities for recreation, for public use and enjoyment, or for scientific study.
  4. It retains a high degree of integrity as a true, accurate, and relatively unspoiled example of the resource.

IIa. Suitability and Feasibility (Affiliated Areas Only)

  1. It must need some special recognition or technical assistance beyond what is available through existing NPS programs in order to ensure its preservation and interpretation to the public, and
  2. It must be demonstrated that a cooperative arrangement with the National Park Service and contributions from other sources will be adequate to assure long-term protection of the resources, and
  3. It must be demonstrated that a continued standard of maintenance, operations, public service, and financial accountability consistent with requirements applicable to National Park System units will occur.

IIb. Suitability and Feasibility (NPS units only)

  1. It represents a natural or cultural theme, or type of recreational resource that is not already adequately represented in the National Park System, or is not comparably represented and protected for public enjoyment by another land-managing entity.
  2. It must be of sufficient size and appropriate configuration to ensure long-term protection of the resources and to accommodate public use.
  3. It must have potential for efficient administration at a reasonable cost. Important feasibility factors include land ownership, acquisition costs, access, threats to the resource, and staff or development requirements.


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