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Figure 19. Summary of Risk Categories and Preservation Tools

Time Frame for Action. These recommended time frames identify when preservation activities at the very latest should take place. Earlier efforts by local governments and private citizens are appropriate and should not be discouraged. Earlier efforts would undoubtedly be less costly and encourage more effective preservation regionwide.

CATEGORY       Time Frame
Battlefields                  Preservation Tools
HIGHEST   Immediate Action Required 
RISK                1.  Fee-simple acquisition by land trust
Front Royal         2.  Public/private commemorative efforts
1st Winchester      3.  Public access easements
Opequon             4.  Interpretive Signs, shelters, materials
HIGH           2-5 years
MODERATE            1.  Fee-simple acquisition
RISK                2.  Public access easements
2nd Kernstown       3.  Landscape preservation easements
2nd Winchester      4.  Zoning
New Market          5.  Support for private preservation efforts
1st Kernstown       6.  Interpretive signs, shelters, materials
Tom's Brook
LOW            5-10 years
MODERATE            1.  Public access easements 
RISK                2.  Landscape preservation easements
Cool Spring         3.  Agricultural preservation efforts
Fisher's Hill       4.  Preservation tax incentives
Cedar Creek         5.  Support for private preservation efforts
                    6.  Interpretive signs, shelters, materials
LOWEST         10-15 years
RISK                1.  Landscape preservation easements
Port Republic       2.  Agricultural preservation efforts
Piedmont            3.  Preservation tax incentives
McDowell            4.  Support for private preservation efforts
Cross Keys          5.  Interpretive signs, shelters, materials  


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