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Level of Threat A. LOST B. POOR C. FAIR D. GOOD _________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. VERY HIGH 1st Winchester  Front Royal Imminent loss of Opequon remaining resources 2. HIGH *2nd Kernstown *1st Kernstown Substantial loss of *2nd Winchester *Tom's Brook resources within ten years probable 3. MODERATE *New Market •Cool Spring Some loss of resources •Fisher's Hill within ten years probable •Cedar Creek 4. LOW ºPort Republic Some loss of resources within ºCross Keys ten years possible ºPiedmont 5. VERY LOW ºMcDowell Loss of resources within ten years improbable __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Key to Risk Categories Highest Risk *High Moderate Risk •Low Moderate Risk °Lowest Risk


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Creation Date: 3/23/95

Last Update 7/18/95 by VLC