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2. Structure of the Report

Part One of the report provides an overview of the project and the study concepts, as well as a general discussion of growth and development in the Shenandoah Valley Region, and links these trends to a loss of battlefield resources.

Part Two presents the historic information compiled by the study team to provide a context for understanding the strategic significance of the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War.

Part Three describes the battles themselves in some detail with an emphasis on linking battle events with local sites, features, and landmarks. The condition of the battlefields, surviving features, and the perceived level of threat are described.

Part Four describes the methodology used to conduct a field assessment of battlefield integrity and presents the results of the field survey and of the Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis of land use patterns. Sites are classified by the degree of risk, and site-specific preservation scenarios are outlined.

Part Five presents the findings of an assessment of the potential for increasing heritage tourism in the Shenandoah Valley, suggesting that battlefield preservation could provide long-term economic benefits to the local economy.

Part Six presents the study's findings and examines alternatives for preservation.

Appendix A contains a bibliography of sources, including historic maps, used to produce this study.


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Creation Date: 3/13/95

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