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National Park Service

Marilyn W. Nickels, Ph.D. Study Director

John J. Knoerl, Ph.D., Chief, Cultural Resources Geographic

Information Systems Facility

Jean E. Travers, Historian, National

Park Service

David W. Lowe, Principal Research Historian / Report Author

National Conference of State Historic Preservation


Katie A. Ryan, GIS Specialist

John J. Packer, Tourism Consultant

Consulting Historians

Edwin C. Bearss, Chief Historian, National Park Service

Jeffry D. Wert, historian and author

This report was prepared under the overall direction of Lawrence E. Aten, Chief, Interagency

Resources Division, National Park Service,

U.S. Department of the Interior.


Of particular value to this study has been the work of Ms. Maral

Kalbian of the Frederick County Historical Society, who has been

conducting an architectural survey of Frederick, Clarke, and

Warren counties over the past several years. The extensive files

of the architectural survey were generously made available to

researchers for this study. These records are also filed at the

State Historic Preservation Office in Richmond. It is hoped that

this initial study will provide impetus for further research of

this nature to document more fully the historic resources of the


Many people offered advice and assistance, and none should be

slighted although they cannot all be mentioned. We thank Edwin

C. Bearss and Jeffry Wert for their guidance and expertise in

serving as the study's consulting historians. Acknowledgement is

due Mr. Ben Ritter of Winchester's Handley Library, Mr. Roger

Delauter and Dr. Brandon Beck of the Shenandoah Valley Civil War

Foundation, Mr. Joseph Whitehorne of Lord Fairfax Community

College, Mr. Michael Gore of Belle Grove, Ms. Kristen Sanders of

the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, Mr. Garland Hudgins of

Friends of the North Fork, Mr. Ed Merrell of New Market

Battlefield Park, Brothers James Sommers and Benedict Simmonds of

the Holy Cross Abbey at Cool Spring, Mr. Peter Svenson of Cross

Keys, Mr. A. Wilson Greene and Dr. Gary Gallagher of the

Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites, and Ms.

Nellie Flora and Mr. W. A. Shifflet, longtime advocates of

Piedmont battlefield. The assistance provided by Historian John

Salmon of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources is

particularly appreciated.


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Creation Date: 3/10/95

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