American Battlefield Protection Program 2011 Grant Awards

The American Battlefield Protection Program announces the awarding of 25 grants totaling $1.2 million to assist in the preservation and protection of America's significant battlefield lands. The funds will support a variety of projects at battle sites in 17 states or territories.

This year's grants provide funding for projects at endangered battlefields from the Pequot War, King Philip's War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War II and various Indian Wars. Funded projects include archeology, mapping, cultural resource survey work, documentation, planning, education and interpretation.

The American Battlefield Protection Program funds projects conducted by federal, state, local, and tribal governments, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.  The ABPP’s mission is to safeguard and preserve significant American battlefield lands for present and future generations as symbols of individual sacrifice and national heritage. Since 1990, the ABPP and its partners have helped to protect and enhance more than 100 battlefields by co-sponsoring 454 projects in 42 states and territories.

Brief descriptions of each grant project follow, listed by grant recipient.
(Note: states/territories indicate location of grant project.)

Branchburg Historical Society
New Jersey

Building on the work of two previous ABPP grants, a National Register nomination will be prepared for the Two Bridges Battlefield in New Jersey. A significant Revolutionary War engagement, the Battle of Two Bridges took place when local patriots from New Jersey intercepted a party of Loyalists attempting to cross the Raritan River and join the British in New Brunswick. This project will also include additional archeology to more fully document the significance of the site.

Bull Run Preserve, Inc. (Turn the Mill Around)

The Union inability to stop Confederate advances at Thoroughfare Gap Battlefield virtually ensured the Confederate victory at Second Manassas during the American Civil War. This project will educate citizens on Section 106 review procedures using the Thoroughfare Gap Battlefield as a case study. Section 106 of the NHPA requires consideration of historic preservation in projects with federal involvement. A series of public workshops will teach citizens how to respond to new projects such as road improvements, widenings, transmission lines, cell towers and rail expansions.

Chester County Planning Commission

A preservation plan will be developed for Brandywine Battlefield-site of the largest single day battle of the Revolutionary War. The preservation plan will outline plans for the conservation of significant landscapes, examine public access and regional linkages, and consider various interpretive projects. A key product of this project will be GIS data pertaining to significant resources and boundaries. Several public meetings will be required.

Citizens for Fauquier County

This project will focus on nine significant Civil War battlefields, including Brandy Station, Cedar Mountain, Kelly's Ford, Buckland Mills, Auburn I and II, Rappahannock Station I and II, and Morton's Ford. GIS data and associated digital maps will be produced for each battlefield. This data will include troop movements, battlefield boundaries, and encampment locations. These maps will be used by county planners for education and development projects.

Civil War Trust
Various States

This project will examine 33 battlefields across 13 states which were listed in the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission's 1993 study. Using GIS software, the products will include digitally mapped parcel ownership boundaries, battlefield boundaries, wetlands and floodplains, as well as nearby protected lands. The outcome of the project will be a master dataset of GIS layers which will enable preservationists to fully understand the needs of these individual battlefields for future public education and acquisition.

Culture and Heritage Commission of York County
South Carolina

Following up on a previous ABPP grant which focused on archeological identification, this project will develop a preservation plan for the Revolutionary War's Huck's Defeat Battlefield. Also known as the Battle of Williamson's Plantation, Huck's Defeat was the first battle after the British capture of Charleston, SC. The preservation plan will include a National Register of Historic Places nomination, plans for various interpretive signage and kiosks, and educational brochures.

East Pikeland Township Historical Commission

An early manifestation of the military-industrial complex, the Continental Powder Works at French Creek was an important source of gunpowder for General George Washington's Continental Army throughout the Philadelphia campaign. This project seeks to identify significant archeological resources associated with the site including the mills, powder magazine, gun factory, and associated shops. Additionally, the project will submit a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the entire complex.

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

This project seeks to determine the location of MacDonough's Shipyard, home of the ships which went on to help defeat the British at the Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812. The American victory at Plattsburgh helped to bring the War of 1812 to a conclusion. Using archeological reconnaissance, the project will identify the site of the shipyard and determine boundaries so that appropriate preservation measures can later be established for the site.

Maryland State Highway Administration

This project is the second phase of a larger project to inventory and evaluate the War of 1812 Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland. Arguably one of the most significant War of 1812 events not yet commemorated, the American defeat in this battle allowed British troops to plunder Washington but also stiffened American the resolve to defeat the British in Baltimore a month later. Products from this project will include a National Register of Historic Places nomination, a general management plan for the site, and GIS database with maps for historical and archeological resources associated with the battle. This project will build on current public excavations now yielding battlefield archeological results.

Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center

Where previous ABPP grants to this grantee undertook archeological and historical research to identify and map the location of battles associated with the Pequot War, this project seeks to develop a regional community-based preservation initiative to preserve and interpret the battlefields. The project will develop outdoor interpretive programs, museums exhibits, and work with various educational institutions to inform the public about the memory and legacy of the Pequot War.

Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center

This project will look specifically at the Battle of Mystic Fort, one of the Pequot War battles in Connecticut. Archeological detection will allow a close examination of the landscape to determine the sites of Pequot counterattacks. A Gis data files and a database of combat actions and associated artifacts will be retained as a product of this grant.

Montana Preservation Alliance

This project seeks to determine the location and significance of several Nez Perce and Cheyenne-Great Sioux Wars battles which occurred on the Montana landscape. Because none of the battles have been adequately documented, the project will establish National Register of Historic Places nominations for seven of the battlefields. The larger goal of this project is to educate the public about the importance of the sites, protective stewardship, and proactive preservation efforts that can be undertaken by landowners.

Ohio Historical Society

Building upon existing studies, this project will examine the Civil War battle of Buffington Island. The proposed project will create an amendment to the existing National Register of Historic Places nomination for the battlefield. The existing National Register nomination does not fully include the historic extent of the battle. The amendment will provide a comprehensive designation of all battlefield lands worthy of preservation and include public hearings to generate landowner support.

Preservation Kentucky, Inc.

A number of significant engagements covering more than 1,000 miles, John Hunt Morgan's raids across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana have long been overshadowed by other Civil War battles fought around the same time. This project seeks to identify battlefields and sites associated with the raid and produce a National Historic Landmark nomination for at least three of the sites. The nomination will be used to help spur stewardship and preservation efforts at these sites.

Radford University

In a joint project with the Saltville Foundation, this grant will develop digital technologies to interpret the Civil War battlefields in Saltville, Virginia. Earlier ABPP-funded projects helped to map the Saltville battlefields and create a preservation plan. This project will produce an interactive virtual tour to be housed at the Museum of the Middle Appalachians and a web-based version of the tour to educate the public about the battlefields' importance and significance.

Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission
Rhode Island

This project will examine the 1676 Battle of Nipsachuck, an important engagement linked to the conduct and ending of King Philip's War. Building on a a previous ABPP planning and consensus grant, this project will use archeological detection to verify the location of the battle, examine the battlefield boundaries, and study the spatial relationship between Tribal ceremonial sites and the battlefield. Products from this project will include the gathering of survey data, the creation of GIS datasets, and the outline of a preservation plan for the battlefield.

Rome Area Chamber of Commerce
New York

This project will examine two battles which occurred during the American Revolution - the Siege of Fort Stanwix and the Battle of Oriskany. Both battles were major factors in thwarting a British invasion of Albany during the British Campaign of 1777. Examining the battlefields using historical accounts and GIS analysis, boundaries for each battle will be re-delineated to better understand the full extent of the battles.

Ships of Exploration and Discovery Research (Texas)

Building upon a previous ABPP grant, this project will examine World War II submerged resources off the coast of Saipan. It will produce a monitoring and stabilization plan for the resources. The project will also include additional archeological monitoring to determine the appropriate preservation measures and an educational video for the NPS American Memorial Park on Saipan.

South Carolina Research Foundation

In 1736, two French armies were decisively beaten by the Chickasaw Indians in two battles near present-day Tupelo, Mississippi. This project will define boundaries for the Ackia and Ogoula Tchetoka battlefields using archeological detection and collating previous historical research. The results will be used to increase public awareness about the significance of these battles and their connection to Chickasaw culture.

South Carolina Research Foundation
South Carolina

A continuation of a 2010 ABPP grant, this project will focus on Civil War battles, skirmishes, and encampments associated with Sherman's Campaign through South Carolina. From January through March 1865, Union General Sherman laid waste to a 30 mile wide swath of the state, destroying private property and its economic infrastructure. The project will include site identification, research, and GIS mapping of sites associated with Sherman's Campaign.

Southeast Colorado Regional Task Force

Bent's New Fort, a site associated with the Civil War Battle of Sand Creek, has been largely overlooked and unexamined. This project seeks to complete archeological and historical investigations to identify the extent, integrity and significance of Bent's New Fort. The archeological testing will allow for education, interpretation, and preservation plans to be put into place in the future.

Territorial Kansas Heritage Alliance

This project will create a preservation plan for the Civil War Lone Jack Battlefield in Missouri. The Union defeat at Lone Jack caused many more Federal troops to be assigned to western Missouri and helped to extend the duration of the Civil War. As the battlefield is severely threatened, the plan will outline steps for acquisition and preservation of unprotected land as well as ideas for public consensus building and advocacy.

University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky, was the site of numerous clashes between settlers and Native American tribes, most notably the Shawnee Indians, who subjected the fort to a number of sieges and skirmishes between 1775 and the end of the Revolutionary War. This project will use archeological testing to identity battle lines, create GIS datasets, and digital maps. Additionally, a management plan, signage and a museum exhibit will be produced.

University of Montana

Rosebud Battlefield, a National Historic Landmark designated site, was one of the largest battles of the Indian Wars. The Northern Cheyenne and Lakota Indians fought U.S. Army forces and Indian allies under General Crook at the Battle of the Rosebud, part of the Black Hills War. The battle halted Gen. Crook's advance, preventing him from joining up with General Custer and contributing to the 7th Cavalry's defeated at the Battle of Little Bighorn. This project will begin to delineate the boundaries of the battlefield using systemic metal detector surveys and consultation knowledgeable tribal members.

University of South Alabama

The goal of this project is to build upon a previous ABPP grant to determine the locations of Creek War battle sites. From 1813 to 1814, the Redstick Creek Indians and American Militia fought each other throughout present-day Alabama. Documents produced will include a narrative report describing site significance, an artifact catalog for items found, and preservation recommendations for sites discovered during the survey.


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