American Battlefield Protection Program 2006 Grant Awards

The American Battlefield Protection Program announces the awarding of 11 grants totaling $350,000 to assist in the preservation and protection of America’s historic battlefields. The funds will support a variety of projects at battle sites in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, and Palau. Funded projects include battlefield surveys, site mapping, updating National Register of Historic Places nominations, preservation and management plans, educational materials, and archeological studies.

The American Battlefield Protection Program funds projects conducted by federal, state, local, and tribal governments, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.  The ABPP’s mission is to safeguard and preserve significant American battlefield lands for present and future generations as symbols of individual sacrifice and national heritage. Since 1990, the ABPP and its partners have helped to protect and enhance more than 100 battlefields by co-sponsoring 306 projects in 37 states and the District of Columbia.

Brief descriptions of each grant project follow, listed by grant recipient.

Branchburg Historical Society, Inc.
New Jersey
$ 10,000
The Society will identify and document the Battle of Two Bridges in order to prepare nominations to the State and National Registers. The project will involve research and fieldwork necessary to document the battle's history, establish its significance, and delineate a battlefield boundary. This battle took place on December 8, 1776, when local patriots from New Jersey intercepted a party of loyalists attempting to cross the Raritan River and join the British in New Brunswick.

Coweta County
$ 16,810
The Society will define the critical area of the Hotchkiss Battery in order to prepare a National Register of Historic Places nomination form for the Battle of Brown's Mill. The July 1864 battle was an important encounter in the Civil War because it changed the Union's tactics to cut Atlanta's rail connection with the rest of the confederacy. This project will determine the battlefield remains and provide the community a delineated area for preservation efforts.

Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association
$ 20,500
The Association will conduct an archeological survey and boundary delineation of the December 6, 1866, battlefield at Fort Phil Kearny. Project goals include locating the locations of skirmishes, delineating the military and Native American warrior positions on USGS quad maps, and creating a master artifact catalogue and GIS-generated maps. This archeological survey will take place on land where over 200 Lakota and Cheyenne warriors orchestrated an ambush on soldiers stationed at Fort Phil Kearny, Wyoming.

French Town Historic Foundation
$ 35,000
The Foundation will develop a cultural resource inventory and a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Frenchtown battlefield. For four days in December 1855, Oregon Mounted Volunteers battled warriors from the Walla Walla, Umatilla, Cayuse, Palouse, and other tribes. Walla Walla Chief Peopeomoxmox was killed and the Indians withdrew, leaving the Walla Walla Valley in control of settlers. Currently, there is a 50-acre tract of land available as a commerative site. This study could contribute significantly to the historical understanding and community planning to protect this battlefield for future public use.

Peleliu Historical Society
$ 44,750
The Society will establish a boundary and develop a preservation plan for the Peleliu Battlefield National Historic Landmark. These project goals will complement the previous work of the National Park Service at this site. Peleliu was the longest and one of the most hard-fought battles of the Central Pacific amphibious operations of World War II. Although the island's Japanese defenders lost the battle, they held out for 74 days and inflicted heavy losses on American Marine and Army forces. Japanese soldiers who would not surrender were sealed in caves they had used as defensive positions. Proposed tourist resorts and large-scale looting are among the threats to the Peleliu Battlefield.

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
$ 36,110
The Commission will develop and acquire historical baseline data for Bushy Run Battlefield. Project goals include conducting archeological assessments of the August 1763 battlefield, and creating a detailed site map using Geographic Information Systems. The battle was a decisive Anglo-American victory during "Pontiac's Rebellion," a brutal Indian campaign against the colonial frontier. This victory is accredited to Colonel Bouquet, whose understanding of Native American tactics and ability to use his light infantry in response demonstrated new kind of "wilderness warfare" by the King's forces. Suburban development is encroaching upon the State Historic Sites and related historic lands.

Prince William County
$ 60,000
Prince William County will use Geographic Information Systems analysis and field investigations to document significant historic views of Manassas National Battlefield Park and its environs. The project goals are to identify significant viewsheds for long-term protection. Manassas National Battlefield Park is the site of two important battlefields in Civil War, and is largest protected contiguous Civil War battlefield area in Virginia.

San Jacinto Battleground Association
$ 50,235
As a response to the Alamo, the Battle of San Jacinto was a brief attack on the Mexicans by the Texan army in 1836. The Texan victory secured their independence from Mexico. The San Jacinto Battleground Association will record the boundaries of the San Jacinto Battlefield by conducting archeological surveys to find artifacts left from the engagement on privately owned land. This project will determine the battlefield remains and provide the community a delineated area for preservation efforts.

Town of Appomattox
$ 34,634
The Town will identify and evaluate the surviving lands and resources associated with the Battle of Appomattox Station. Project consultants will assemble previous research, collect archeological survey data, and complete a cultural landscape assessment. The April 8, 1865 Battle of Appomattox Station was one of the final battles of the Civil War, and immediately preceded the surrender of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. This project will determine the battlefield remains and provide the community a delineated area for preservation efforts.

Unison Preservation Society
$ 19,853
The Society will produce an authoritative history of the 1862 battle at Unison, Virginia, and support preservation of the battlefield area. The local organization will inventory of historic resources associated with the battle, establish an experts panel to resolve points of conflicting history, and map the battlefield. The fight at Unison followed immediately after the battle of Antietam. President Abraham Lincoln and generals George B. McClellan, Robert E. Lee, and J.E.B. Stuart were among the leaders involved in the decisions that led to the battle. This study will identify the historical evidence and map the current terrain for long-term protection and preservation planning.

University of West Florida
$ 22,108
The University will identify, document and inventory the cultural and natural sites and resources related to the U.S. invasion of Spanish Florida in 1818. The project goals are to determine historic site boundaries, analyze current land use, and identify modern threats to the sites and features. General Andrew Jackson's invasion of Florida covered over 590 and was a retaliation against the Seminoles and a mission to halt future Seminole incursions into Alabama and Georgia.


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